About Sheylara

I’m a girl with many hats but not literally because actual hats give me headaches.


Mental Sheylara


Professionally, I’ve been a journalist, editor, actress, model, Xbox brand ambassador, web designer, project manager, nursery teacher and blogger.

Not professionally, I’m a cartoonist, gamer, photographer, singer-songwriter, shoulder to cry on and online shopping addict.

Now, if you would just give me another minute of your time, I’d like to entice you to read my blog, please.


Giant nerdy glasses


I started blogging around 2004 (I know, right, ancient) and have been known to mysteriously disappear for months at a time, only to abruptly resurface like a mouldy chrysalis exploding into a schizophrenic butterfly.

My tendency for disappearances can be directly tied to the fact that when not enough people read my blog, I get sad and curl up to die a metaphorical death (until such a time as I get bored of it).

Unfortunately, I can only explode so many times before I actually, literally, die of explosion, which is physics and a scientifically-proven fact, therefore you should be impressed. And not want me to die, presumably.

And that’s why I hope you will consider reading my blog. Like on a regular basis.


Attack of the giant daisies


107 thoughts on “About Sheylara

  1. Avatar

    hey qiaoyun!

    u said u emailed me on the bar, to get the contacts for the vietnamese girl. eh i get no emails! where did u email?

    anyway, if its an emergency, faster sms me ur contacts to me.
    94312321. will sms to her.


  2. Avatar

    I just read your email through the Sim cousins email circle and want to show my support. Way to go, you’ve got something good going, and I’m so proud of you for pursuing your dreams, your way!

    BTW, do you remember we used to co-write silly little stories with “choose your own ending” endings? I wonder if you ever kept any of our drafts? It’ll be great to read them together today, decades later.

    Keep up your writing, cuz, ‘cos you’ve made fans of us!



  3. Avatar

    heya…ur writing’s pretty good. Witty, farnee, intelligent… (opps, ok…the last two words meant the same thing as the first =P).

    keep up the good writing…i guess i’ll be reading more from now on

  4. Avatar

    Sorry just can’t help it, dude think you will be cobblered by goonfather even before u have the chance to say that in person…

    Nevertheless it’s a worthy effort (but seriously I dun think you even know QY as who she is, least talk about painting a lifelong canvas together)….

    my2cent :P

  5. Avatar

    I just came across your blog through blogrush* i read some of your posts and i really enjoyed them *_* just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that. take care
    Dazed Dez*

  6. Avatar

    Hello I stumbled onto you web site and read some of these letters. I am very interested in learning about acting classes and where it may take you. recently I am on a visionquest to identify my career choice.
    Really never understood the good times and opportunities I was givin. But now that things are a bit more difficult, I am kind of circling the wagons as they say in cowboy country and trying to find a career that challeges me and opens my mind. I”m writing Sheylara in hopes of in a way connecting with a new beginning. Hope to hear from you.

    Sincerely Marius

  7. Avatar

    Hey, Sheylara! You’re a gamer… do you play Grand Theft Auto. I’ve never asked you this before. BioShock? Halo? It’d be interesting if you can do a sexy pose while playing GTA.

    Anyway, my main purpose writing this is because I really need a skit/fan fic writer for my blog. I need a good writer and a (hardcore) gamer that plays GTA. You really fit the bill. Do give me a reply, capiche?


  8. Avatar

    which online game are u playing rite now?

    im playing maple in delp.
    Fiesta and 9 dragon all are MMORPG..
    nice to meet u. every sun morning i would wake up to catch ur show.

  9. Avatar

    lol.. yesterday i spent some time reading ur blog… den realise tat i have asked stupid question… -.-

    anyway.. Its cool!! all so cool!! i like the hamster tales.. so cute… actually i like alll the post.
    take care.. guess tat i’ll hang around http://sheylara.com.

  10. Avatar

    u just saved me by those bimbotic blog.. just love reading your post that does not consist of trying-to-look-sexy poses that is evident in a lot of blogs now. thanks! kepp on post great post

  11. Avatar

    hmmm interesting blog lol i’ve actually been thinking about devoting my life to acting aswell and take it really seriously(not sure why) and ive also been a gifted writer since i was young but “actings more my thing” so i see waht your getting at. I also see you play WoW… so do I… look forward to “owning” you someday(im a lvl 25 pladin, not gonna own anyone!). Anyways hope we can be friends, would like to keep in touch.

    ps. I play rakion aswel(easier to own people in!)

  12. Avatar

    Man, if I were about 20 years younger… And in the same geographical region… And rich… And not in a wheelchair… You’d still turn me down for a date. :-)

  13. Avatar

    I just read your Twitter. I’m more than a little concerned that you are dreaming about MMORPGs…

  14. Avatar

    Hi there. Your blog is really well-written and engaging. Ever considered a career in writing? Do email me if you are keen on a senior writer’s position in a marcom department.


  15. Avatar

    Lol so many desperate males here tryin to hook someone up well heres a suggestion for you ‘guys’ out there,try and some dating webbie and flirt all you want :)


  16. Avatar

    Good to know you’re somewhat balanced unlike other PS3-insulting-Xbox-fan-idiots who thinks that every game from PlayStation 3 must belong to their system, even Metal Gear Solid 4!

    Keep it up!

  17. Avatar

    I sorta found this place by accident, was lookin at some vids for Fable II at youtube, seen those 5 that you posted, than checked the rest of your works. Nice blog, I normally consider blogs to be brain killing almost as badly as commercials and some MTV programms but this one is an exeption, Ill prolly stick around to reading it whenever I got time [being in US military I got plenty of that >>], keep up the good work… or more like good fun ;] .


  18. Avatar

    Hmm… Shen Qiaoyun is your real name right? and sheylara is your name in cyber world… than what is your nick name in the real world? especially a name that usually being called by your friend out there…

  19. Avatar

    My good friends all call me QY for short!

    Some people call me Shey.

    Others call me Qiaoyun.

    A select few people are confused and refuse to call me by any of my names, preferring to call me Girl or Babe or Hey.

  20. Avatar

    Sheylara, u have a nice blog…

    what’s your fav pass time?
    Wonder if u go clubbing?
    Where is ur fav hang out place?

    ☆  ╱╲ ╱╲ ☆    ☆ ☆
     ╱╳+▲╱  ╲ ╱╲ ☆    ☆ 
    ╱╱ ◢◣+   ╳  ╲   ☆  
    ╱ +◢█◣  /    ╲☆   ☆ 
    ☆ ◢██◣  ˙˙˙
    ___▂▂█▂▂__祝福大家 聖誕節 ﹋ 快樂 一定要幸福喔

  21. Avatar

    Initially I doesn’t know who is Sheylara was. I vividly remember that I even post a silly to question by asking her who’s Sheylara. Embarassing enough, when I found out that who she is, I was like… “Oh my god! She’s one of the famous bloggers from S’pore….”

    So, I know who “you” are now :)

  22. Avatar

    Ugh, wish my life approximated to even a fraction of how fun yours seems to be. Going the standard route through university seems like trying to eat an old shoe compared to this XD.

    I assume you play(ed) AoC on their American servers. Wish it was possible for me to keep playing but that’s not going to happen where I am *sad panda*

    Keep it up ^^ you’re entertaining a lot of people it seems.

  23. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara.. I have just started reading your blog on stomp/starblog this week and also this website today. Should say I’m really enticed to your writing and great pictures selection. You’re photogenic and looks great on pictures and I can sense you do have a very fulfilling life so far in all your entertainment work?

    Managed to know you a bit more through your starblog as well as this website, and wanna wish you all the best in what you’re pursuing! =) Shall visit your starblog and website again soon! Take care!

  24. Avatar

    Thanks, Lester, for your kind words! Appreciate your visits! :)

    Thanks everyone else for your nice comments. I don’t normally reply here because I’d just end up saying thank you ad infinitum, so here’s just a thank you once and for all. ;)

  25. Avatar

    Hey, Shey, you are beautiful and write really well. Here introduced by your father, I’ll be a frequent visitor here…

  26. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara

    I own vis a vis cosmetics a fab new fashion forward color line of the future…we just got a great write up on mythbusterbeauty.com.
    I’m interested in reaching the ladies in the pacific asian regions especially japan…I like to see if can help each other.
    Check out the site and email me at my email address and lets see if we can help each other
    I have my samples and press release ready to go
    The product is great you’ll love us


  27. Avatar

    Hello out there, I’ve just playing with this computer andwas able to get some information about yourself. I used to be a sole Computer Specialist/Teacher/Mentor mentor to the former American Armies over the country of Saudi Arabia. I’ve met a very undesirable vehicular accident, that’s why I’m here in our country Philippines. I do have some many stories to let you know more about me, I can even create by myself a poem, whom I was published on an American book with awards.
    Bye, if you want to let you know more about myself JUST E-MAIL ME BACK
    Angelo “Ochie” Ochoa

  28. Avatar

    yo im a drummer, and i saw a picture of you holdin a pair of travis barker signature drumsticks while i was googling, cuz i just got a pair, and thats how i got here to your site.

    nice, keep it up, lots of pictures and stuff, and im an Michael Jackson fan too! and you a sooooooo pretty girl!

    beautiful !!

    ok mama, good luck!

    take care and stay pretty!

  29. Avatar

    Hi Angelo, Sorry to hear about your accident and thanks for your message! Sorry I can’t reply to every message I get because I get too many. Plus you didn’t ask any specific questions that needed replies. But thanks for dropping by and I hope you are well now. :)

  30. Avatar


    What a very nice letter coming from you, I couldn’t believe that you were able to gave some time for answering my note. Well, I do really wish you at all. I will create a very nice poem whom I was a poetical creator in Tagalog nor English versions.

    I will gonna gave you a very and very short poem, now.

    Your Answer!

    Time has passed and we don’t know what to do,
    But hindrances will come to hinder a good plans for you,
    But experiences will let you help to go.
    Success will come by knowing exactly what you can DO.

    Angelo Ochoa

  31. Avatar

    So that’s you. lol
    I’m an ol’ man, so can’t catch up with what’s happening.
    Anyway, nice meeting you.

  32. Avatar

    Hey one question i was looking for one of my fave actress named Yumi Kikuchi as i was looking through the pictures there was one tht had a word on it tht said Sheylara.com with a heart around it and i was wondering iff somehow shes part of this i dont mind if you dont answer but i would love to know thanks but ibdo love this site and reading all the fun she seems to have lol

  33. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara, I’m Tim, from Australia and a closet gamer and I’m seriously taken by the fact that you have a passion for too many hats – finally, I know I’m not alone.. :P

    seriously, I have a power ranger hat (yeah, I know..), hockey helmet, army helmet, turban, beret and motorbike helmet… it’s an expensive habit – and a worrying trait – as i’m sure your aware.

    Twas cool to stumble across your blog. Do you like travelling? I was in Korea recently and spent some time with some people from Singapore… interesting people hehe.. they spoke Korean, but not English. Is Korean more popular than English in Singapore? Seems odd to me, but then again, I don’t know much about the geo-economics of your corner of the world :)

    you seem cool, and cool people interest me.. so I’d love to hear from you, shoot me an email sometime…or not. Your call. Either way, keep doing what you love and enjoy this awesome world. Peace

  34. Avatar

    The mice(dim sum) pics would instantly bring laughs/smiles to anyone!!! The two pics are NOTHING alike:))) I want to go to this place now and order this dish just to see for myself! Thx

  35. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara

    I just stumbled across your blog and find it adorable and interesting. I run an urban website in Seoul, Korea (www.seoulstyle.com). How did you like Seoul? Where can I read more about your bio information? :)

    I see we both do dome acting in Asia.


  36. Avatar

    Hi, what a coincidence! I just started writing a novel and one of the characters brings your same name. Actually, I invented the name out of nowhere, as I never heard it before, and then I landed up on this page! :D

    “It’s a coincidence only if you believe in them. I prefer inevitability: every event is inevitable. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t happen”. :)

  37. Avatar

    Hey Yun, hope you are alright in UK. Umm..i was wondering…where can i get your movies? i can’t find them here.
    hope to see you in bangladesh next year!

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