December bullet journal theme: Self-care

Keep Calm and Journal On Because It's December


This month, I start with a double-page cover because it’s a crazy month! It’s December, the month of Christmas, of holiday stress, of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Therefore, my theme and message to everyone is: As you prepare for festivities and the new year, don’t forget to breathe deeply and take care of yourself!

Here’s a self-care plan to help you (and me) along. I’ve tried to pick activities that don’t take too long to do because I know everyone is busy! Of course, my lists are customised for me, based on what I know will work for me, so you should swap some things out and choose items that work for you.

If you need more self-care ideas, just google “self-care ideas”, lol. There’s lots of lists out there you can take inspiration from!


Self-Care Plan


Have a great December and take care!


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2 thoughts on “December bullet journal theme: Self-care

  1. Avatar

    Your “artsy bullet journals” are very cool. The video of you showing one on Instagram is outstanding! The work you put into them is amazing.

    There’s a saying: You get out of things the work you put into them. I must say the work you put into them is nothing short of fantastic.

    Have a wonderful holiday season. NO STRESSING :P

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