Journal – November 20

Journal - November 20



20 Tuesday

It’s getting very challenging for me to do my C25K sessions now. With my sleep problems (, I’m waking up around 12 pm. I have breakfast around 1 pm. The sky starts to darken about 3 pm, which is when I should start running, before it gets pitch black. But then my breakfast is still not done digesting!

Or, if I do eat breakfast early enough, it starts raining when I’m able to run! It’s funny, how, from July to September, everyone in the country prayed for rain. Now it’s virtually raining every day! I have really picked the wrong season to start C25K!

Yesterday, the rain finally slowed to a faint drizzle when it was already quite dark. I decided to proceed with my session because I already missed Monday. Never mind the dark, it was freaking cold! I was wearing 3 layers and gloves but it wasn’t enough. My nose, hands and feet hurt. And for the first time, I didn’t have to remove my hoodie in the middle of a run/walk.

I did manage to complete the session but it was really horrid and miserable and the actual running wasn’t even the challenge. How will I survive the next 7 weeks?


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