Journal – November 15-17

Journal - November 15-17



15 Thursday

I have managed to last almost a whole month without acquiring any minor injuries. Cosmic forces are not happy, I think. Because it looks like they’ve decided to make up for the lack all at once!

Tue (AM): Small gouge on back of right hand from making the bed
Tue (PM): Small gouge on left index finger, cause unknown
Wed: 5mm cut on right middle finger, cause unknown
Thu: Big bruise on right foot from kicking table leg

16 Friday

I feel like we’ve been singled out by this shop on Just Eat. We started ordering from them a couple of months ago. Today there was a note on their page: “We do not do deliveries to cottages in the countryside without house numbers or clear direction.”

17 Saturday

Painting does not agree with me. No. It is a horrid job and I refuse to paint the rest of the house! My study is only a small room but it still took me two hours to tape up the skirting and the doorways. Because there are three freaking doorways in this tiny room! And then another 3.5 hours to paint one coat, including the radiator. Luckily, it looks like one coat is enough but NO MORE PAINTING HOUSES!!


But I learnt years ago to find gratitude within all of life’s trials, big or small, so here goes: I’m grateful to have a house to live in and a room of my own to work on my projects. I’m grateful that I have time to work on my projects. I’m grateful to be healthy enough to do things that I enjoy. Ah! So much to be grateful for!


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