Daily Journal – September 29 + 30

Daily Journal - September 29 + 30


Transcription – September 29

Sushi Fail

SMH Ocado! This week, they offered me a flash sale of salmon sashimi (half price) so I thought I’d take it and also order some sushi to make it a good lunch. I ordered 4 boxes of sushi and things. Today the delivery arrived. “Sorry, but your order is missing… all the sushi things.” I mean… don’t be offering me an item for sale if it’s out of stock!

Asian Food

My life is kind of sad these days, food-wise. I have to eat supermarket Japanese food and takeaway Chinese food (which Piers has to drive for an hour to get). They are second-rate but do satisfy the cravings a bit. I can cook some but it’s not the same. In Singapore, good food is everywhere; no cooking needed!


I’m grateful for my new touchscreen gloves that will keep my hands warm when I go on my walks. When touchscreen gloves were first invented, they only came in black and didn’t look very stylish. Now they have all sorts of colours and fabrics!

Habits Fail

In the final week of each month, my habit tracker looks very sad and pathetic because I am rushing to do the next month’s bujo pages and don’t have time for silly yoga and meditation and what-not, lol. I will need to set different priorities if I don’t want to continue falling off the wagon every last week of the month!


Transcription – September 30

Shiny New Thing

Now I understand the perils of designing next month’s pages before this month is over. I have been bored of my September pages since Friday because my October pages are new and shiny and I can’t wait to use them!

But making trackers and planners each month takes a lot of time so I have to start asap. I started late this month so I’ve had to work nonstop all weekend, sacrificing food and sleep and everything else I can.

It’s the end of the day now on the last day of September. I am so happy I managed to complete all my October pages. But I am now so very exhausted. My mind feels numb with an intense buzz and my body is shutting down. I really need to start earlier next month!


I’m grateful for the end of the month! A new month means a fresh start!

Little Photographer

Went to C&H’s for lunch. I needed to take a selfie of my new pink waterproof jacket, so I got the girls to do it since I can’t hold my phone far enough to photograph the whole thing.

I underestimated 6-year-old Emma’s expertise with the iPhone. I was teaching her to press the white button and she was, like, I know! Then, once I got into position, she went, “I’m going to take a video!”

After she did my video, we got 4-year-old Mimi to do it next. Emma wanted to dance!


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