Daily Journal – September 8

Daily Journal - September 8



Poster Boy

Piers is surely the poster boy for British politeness. Today he drove me to my homeopathy appointment, 30m there and 30 back, with an hour wait. When we got back, I thanked him.

His response: “Thank you!”

“Why are you thanking me?” I asked.

“Er…,” he said, “For thanking me!”

Racer Boy

Piers drove Olive instead of Miyako today because it was sunny and he wanted the top down. I don’t like going in Olive because her seats are hard and Piers drives like he’s in the Formula One. He denies it. But, then, Fitbit logged our 2 trips as “outdoor biking”, lolololol. That never happens in Miyako so… LOL.


Olive (TVR Tuscan) and Miyako (Aston Martin Vantage)


Birdie Poo

A little green bird flew into the conservatory today! That’s never happened in the year we’ve lived here. I wish we could keep it but Piers said it will shit everywhere, so he gently shooed it outside. Aww!

(Note: It did poo onto a chair before it flew outside again!)


I’m grateful for a nice day today filled with happy things.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Journal – September 8

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    Your pages are just beautiful! Would you mind sharing your process a bit? Do you figure out everything you are going to write first? Do you lay it out on scrap first? Do you draw the boxes then fill them in or the reverse? My handwriting is crap and so is my drawing. But I like the idea of using a journal to ground me and organize my day in to a few snippets so that I can appreciate them and maybe looking back at them might calm me. Or it’ll be yet another failed attempt that I don’t follow through on. But that’s okay because making the attempt matters too, right?

  2. Avatar

    Thank you very much! :) So, my process is a bit all over the place, haha. First, throughout the day, if something strikes me as a possible story, I’ll quickly type it in my phone. So by the time I start working on the page, I’ll have a list of things to write about. Next, I type out the words just to gauge how many words each story is. I do this one story at a time. So, type it out, then edit it if it’s too long (it usually is) and I can see by experience that it won’t fit the page.

    Then I start putting the story on the page. I draw the top line and cartoon/title first, then write the words. Then I close up the box on the sides and bottom. A lot of times I will continue to edit as I write because I want to keep each story as short and sweet as possible.

    Once that’s done, I type out the next story and repeat the process. I decide on my layout as I go. I don’t do the layout beforehand because it’s impossible to gauge how much space I need for each piece of text until I’ve written it down! I draw in bigger cartoons if I have an idea of what to draw or if I have space to fill. I kinda of just try to fit things together as I go along, like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Many new bullet journalists worry about their handwriting and art, but the good thing about journaling is that you can customise it to your liking and your ability. And if the main reason for doing a journal is just to be organised or get your thoughts written down, then it doesn’t have to look perfect. It just has to serve you the way you need it! Use stickers and washi tape if you don’t want to draw! Write slower if you want neater handwriting! There’s many ways to hack it! :P

    And finally, don’t worry about not following through. You’re very right to say that making the attempt is what matters. If you only do it for a week or a month and then quit, what matters is that you enjoyed doing it for the week or the month. And even if you didn’t enjoy it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying new things just to see whether you like it! :D

    So, go for it and I hope you enjoy it!

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