Daily Journal – September 7

Daily Journal - September 7


Blurry Week

I’ve been in a bit of a fog all week, what with trying to push away trauma and depression and racing against time to catch up on my bujo pages. I mean, the latter helps the former quite a lot since it distracts my mind, but it also makes the days pass by in a blur, like I’m not living in the real world.

This morning, I received a text reminder from Ocado for the groceries arriving tomorrow. I was shocked. How is tomorrow Saturday already! In my head, I’m still living in Wednesday or something.


I’m grateful for all my art and craft books and all my craft materials even though I have no time to use them!

Happy Walks

The good news is that I’m enjoying my daily walks more, this week. FB group steps challenge is lower at 60k steps but when I hit my daily target, I don’t want to stop! I can’t figure out why. I can’t imagine this will last but I”m just enjoying it while it’s here!


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