Daily Journal – September 4

Daily Journal - September 4




We have so much meat left over from the BBQ we’ll be eating burgers, steaks, hot dogs and chicken escalopes for the next 3 weeks at least. I really need my freezer to be normal again.


I’m grateful we can afford to eat meat every day.

Currently Reading

Ready Player One (Kindle)
My Not So Perfect Life (Audible)

Currently Watching

Suits (Netflix)
Better Call Saul (Netflix)
Flesh And Bone (Amazon)
Fantastic (Viki)

Tame Pigeons

There have been two pretty tame pigeons in the garden lately. We think they’re the babies that grew up in the nest (ref: Aug 10,22) and got used to us gawking. Most pigeons fly away if we so much as come within 50m of them. These two let us be 4m away!


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