Daily Journal – September 26

Daily Journal - September 26



Day Out

Went to Compton Abbas today with a bunch of WI ladies. Again I was the only young person in the group. We went in 3 cars and it was so strange to be driven around by a nice old lady who couldn’t hear me unless I spoke quite loudly.

We got lost so it took us an hour to get there. Google Maps is useless in rural areas, and we ended up in our second destination with no way of contacting the others.

None of the ladies had each other’s mobile numbers! Some didn’t even have mobile phones! And they’d known each other for like 10-20 years!

Luckily, they eventually turned up. We sat outdoors at the Compton Abbas Airfield Cafe with tea and cakes, watching cute little vintage planes in all colours and designs take off.


Grateful for chocolate cake with buttercream icing!! Most sublime!!


In the car, the two ladies were talking about how young people (like me) made friends with other parents at school. I told them I’m a bit of an oddball because I don’t fit into any groups. They went, “Aww I’m sure it’s not true,” and changed the subject. Great! I’ve made people uncomfortable by being too honest again!


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