Daily Journal – September 25

Daily Journal - September 25



Washing Blunder

So, the highlight of my day is being a total boob and letting the washing machine chew up £10 worth of Chinese takeaway vouchers and regurgitate up as sodden blobs of horror all over our clothes. On the bright side, Piers said, the restaurant would be ever so happy if they knew about it. Should we tell them?

The King’s Avatar

Chong has been pestering me to watch a Chinese anime called The King’s Avatar, about a kickass professional gamer in an MMORPG. He uses an umbrella as his weapon, which I thought at first was hilarious but it turns out to be a serious, cool weapon.


I’m grateful that I can afford to buy everything that I need.

Eating Out

Piers suddenly felt like eating at the Nepalese restaurant tonight so off we went. It was my first time there (his second) and I was impressed by the food. I think I just happened to choose the right dishes because Piers’ choices weren’t as nice, haha.

Shopping Work

Online shopping is quite hard work because there are so many choices and reviews to go through!


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