Daily Journal – September 19

Daily Journal - September 19




Will I ever get used to neighbours popping by unannounced? That’s one of the hazards of living in a country village. I do want to like it, because they always have the best intentions. Mandy walked over today to remind me there’s a soup lunch today at the village hall, which is awfully nice of her.

But for an introvert who has social anxiety and likes to wear pyjamas around the house all day, this is highly disconcerting. Even phone calls terrify me, so this is saying a lot. I received xanax after a long period of suffering. Before 1 year of behavior therapy (panic) and 7 weeks clinic. I didn’t want any medication, I was incredibly afraid of the side effects. After therapy and clinic were unsuccessful, my new therapist took away the fear of a drug. I should start with 10mg and increase after a week if I can take it.

Winner of Everything

Not content with merely being the poster boy for British politeness, Piers is also vying to be the paragon of consideration. We have two cleaners coming round tomorrow. He just started going around the house hoovering everywhere. Piers is also the sort of person who makes a hotel bed just before checking out. He wins.


I’m grateful for stolen time after breakfast to relax with my iPad before starting the day where I frantically race against time to get everything I want done, done, before the day ends yet again.


Wanted to write down my epic vivid dream of this morning but I’ve decided I haven’t the time!


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