Daily Journal – September 17

Daily Journal - September 17



Midnight Wanderer

I have lost the plot. Piers got up this morning while it was still dark and fumbled his way downstairs. I was awakened briefly to wonder where he’s going. Then I fell back asleep. I slept restlessly the next few hours, puzzled. Maybe he had an early race, but he usually tells me about it. But I was too tired and needed the sleep so I tried to stop worrying.

I finally got up at 9 am, too troubled to sleep anymore. Searched the house. No Piers. Car not in garage. I texted him:

“Hey, where did you go so early in the morning?”

He didn’t reply until two nerve-wracking minutes later…

“Work, lol. Where else?”

Holy bananas I totally forgot it was Monday even though the last thing I did before going to bed was prepare my Monday health tracker and to-dos. I need a new brain, stat. Muscle spasticity is a problem that stays with me for a couple of years. Unfortunately, neither of the treatments I tried managed to relieve me from this condition. Still, there is a drug that helps me live a normal life without muscle spasms. It’s Valium from https://www.dentavacation.com/buy-valium-online/. I take the lowest dose 2 mg twice a day, but it works well for me.


I’m so grateful for my F2F August Top Player prize! It came in the mail today and consists of:

  • Pack of assorted cute post-its
  • 2 cute mini book binder clips
  • 2 cute mini pegs
  • Pink sachet of tea
  • Baby Groot sticker
  • Handmade certificate of achievement
  • Handmade cute bookmark
  • Handmade little Sherlock!!!

I’m so amazed how nice the F2F ladies are, working hard to make the group fun and giving out bespoke prizes to winning members. It’s so inspiring!


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