Daily Journal – September 12

Daily Journal - September 12




I’m grateful that the weather is now cold enough for us to get our soft, fluffy blanket out of storage for snuggles on the sofa. It’s pure bliss!

Piers decided a Cornetto would go nicely with Netflix and a snuggly blanket. As he opened the wrapper, he joked, “Would you be upset if I dropped chocolate on your fresh, clean blanket?”

“YES!” I said, “Be very careful!”

And then he proceeded to drop chocolate bits on 2 different spots on the blanket, and also manage to rub them in while trying to fish the chocolate out!


Q: How many people does it take to drive to a restaurant to celebrate Piper’s birthday?

A: At least 4! One to operate the car and 3 to shout out directions at the same time! (And 2 other optional people to pretend that this isn’t happening.) Gotta love family!


Last night, Piers said, “You don’t mind if I set the dishwasher to start early in the morning?” (Cos it’s noisy and wakes me.)

I said, “Fine. I have to wake up early tomorrow, anyway.”

This morning, the dishwasher went, “ZNGGGG!” and woke me. It was 5:30 am. Who in the world…?! This is called middle of the night!!


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