Daily Journal – August 31

Daily Journal - August 31


2/3 Goals

End of the month! I cleared 2 goals. Don’t get bored of bujo-ing, check. Don’t drown in depression, check. Yay. They are only tiny goals but I have no energy for bigger things.

Didn’t manage to streak my daily habits but I had to prioritise a lot this month. I did manage to streak no sugary snacks and drinks and almost no dairy, so that is a huge win because sugar and dairy are like my most favourite things in the world, lol.

Have not decided on Sept. goals. No time, no energy!


I’m grateful to have a house to live in and space to store all my stuff. Thank you house.


Argh! Daddy long legs what are you doing in my study? Go live somewhere else!


I am so terribly exhausted. Please please please let me sleep well tonight. I have an entire important weekend to survive. What does a girl need to do to get some sleep here?


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