Daily Journal – August 28

Daily Journal - August 28



Audiobook walking

I am still disappointed about my audiobook’s narrator doing male and female voices, and cringe every time a male character talks. But I love the writing and the story and it makes my daily walks so much less painful. I even look forward to walking every day so I can continue listening to the story.

For some reason today, my body was super fatigued and I could only walk in a slow crawl. I wanted to give up so many times and make up the steps I need for my group challenge, tomorrow. After one painful hour, I hit my daily goal thanks to the book keeping me sane. Also my fierce desire to win at challenges, lol.


I’m grateful for wireless earphones and headphones!


Today I learned that Basil is not the only dog who likes to lick creams and lotions off people! I also learned that cats enjoy it, too. What is wrong with them? It must not be good!


Bonus: Here’s a comic I drew of Basil five years ago! Click on it to read the blogpost.

Basil comic


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