Daily Journal – August 23

Daily Journal - August 23



Meditation Zen

I’ve been tracking my meditation sessions on my Fitbit, which shows me my heart rate. This is what it usually looks like:

An erratic heart rate chart


Today, it looks like this!

A low and calm heart rate chart

I mean, call me Guru Sheylara! Have I reached the first height of zen? Or, maybe, did I just fall asleep?



Today I’m grateful to the people who have made (spoiler free) elaborate character charts for Dark (Netflix) so I don’t have to. It makes watching this mind boggling series much easier!


Dark Character Chart


Crabby apples

I seldom venture to the lower garden because it gets very wild there. So I was shocked to see that our crab apple tree has grown a million red fruits!


A crab apple tree full of crab apples


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