Daily Journal – August 22

Daily Journal - August 22



Baby Steps

The baby pigeons (r: 10 Aug) have grown so quickly! They’re like twice the size or more? They’ve come out of their nests and begun to wobble around like they just learned to walk.

(Cartoon of baby pigeon laughing at another baby pigeon wobbling on a branch. Off-panel, a voice says, “Stop laughing at your brother!”)


Bought a fiction audiobook for the first time. Not an audial person. But my daily hour-long walks are getting boring. So I chose a Sophie Kinsella, thinking I could pretend I was watching a romcom.

At first it was okay. Quite entertaining. Then the male characters enter and the narrator deepens her voice. No, no, no. That does not work. In my mind movie, all the men look like women dressed in men clothes. No. Hollywood men are getting into a tizzy about gender appropriation and role stealing.

G For Gratitude

Once again am grateful for bujo obsession and FB challenge group. Had really bad sleep totally under 4 hours. Without them pushing me through the fatigue, I would have been dysfunctional and feeling sorry for myself.


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