Daily Journal – August 21

Daily Journal - August 21


Transcription (In case you can’t or don’t want to read my handwriting)



Two pairs of shorts arrived from Amazon today. I bought them in my usual size but these were so big I could pull them up my hips without unbuttoning and unzipping them. It’s not that I’ve lost massive amounts of fat but that some manufacturers do not have a clue about sizes?!

Rice Milk

Tried rice milk. Was prepared to be grossed out but it’s so sweet and drinkable! Even with no added sugar! But did some googling and found out it doesn’t have any health benefits apart from giving you extra calories. Drat.

(Cartoon of little cow saying, “I’m the best.”)


I’m grateful that I didn’t get attacked by flies during my daily walk today.


I will probably get a lot of hatred for this but I love coriander!


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