So you think you’re indecisive

Do you know someone who is very indecisive, who changes their mind all the bloody time?

Of course you do. It’s me!

Maybe you were going to say: “Oh, yeah, Jack is like that” or “Hah, that’s Kate you’re talking about”.

Well, wrong. It’s all me. I’m the mind-changing undeciding fickle-minded champion.

You probably want some examples, so I’ve made a comic of myself.

Comic strip: Indecision
She does need some help, pronto.


But that’s rather tame. I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from indecision in the area of food selection, even when there’s a very narrow field of choices.

So, how about, I was planning to have a wedding ceremony last year but changed my mind just months before (by literally flipping a coin to decide). A year later, now, I’m still thinking about changing my mind.

Or how about I changed my name legally in 2003 and now I want to change it again.

Or how about when I was 17, I was about to enroll at a pre-university when they sent me home to get my GCE O-Level results slip because I’d forgotten it, but, on the way home, I decided that I’d rather be an actress. So, I didn’t return for the enrollment. Instead, I made an application to La Salle College of Drama. On the day of my audition for admittance, I skipped it and went to interview at a talent agency.

Or how about this blog post was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t for the longest time decide what to blog about after my big announcement on April 1st.


Indecisive cat is stuck
The world is her oyster. Or maybe just her window sill.


Well, I could go on and on but you’ll probably get bored.

Now, this post is kind of a long-winded way of explaining why I haven’t blogged for a year. I couldn’t decide whether to blog or not. I mean it’s not just that, but I’m not sure if I want to go into detail, so I’ve ended up making a whole post out of nothing.

Sorry LOL but I did make it up by drawing a comic. That must make up for everything, doesn’t it, in our perfect little world where people don’t circulate stupid hoaxes on Facebook or neighbours don’t steal your bar stools off stupid delivery men who don’t double check who they’re delivering to.

Yes, feeling good.

Now, your turn. Share your indecision stories, big or small! If they’re funny, maybe I’ll draw a comic of them. Or not.


2 thoughts on “So you think you’re indecisive

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    Indecisiveness stops being a problem when u accept that no answer is ever really completely right or wrong. I try to pick the best answer and live with it. Of course that is often easier said than done. For me though being unable to decide is like torture so i’d rather go with my gut and pick something and see where it goes. Truthfully many things can be undone or at least you learn from the mistake. That’s life.

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    Thanks for your thoughts! I envy your ability to stick to your choices. :D I feel some people will never be cured of their indecisiveness. Sometimes it’s not really a matter of learning from mistakes. Like if you choose a meal at a restaurant then decide too late you really want something else instead, it’s just something that happens and it’s unpreventable. And yes, some things can be undone but at cost. (Like buying a sofa, then two weeks later decide you prefer another sofa, so you could spend money/time to get rid of your current sofa and buy the new one.) :P And the more of these happen, the more you’re afraid of making decisions. It’s hard to be happy with what you’ve chosen when your mind keeps changing all the time, lol.

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