And the result of the coin toss is

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I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting news of the infamous coin toss, probably the most absurd coin toss in the history of coin tosses.

I would have kept everyone in suspense a bit longer (only because I’m lazy to blog about it right away), but stupid Piers scooped me by posting the result on Dayre IMMEDIATELY after the coin toss, which was just before we went to bed, so I had to wake up extra early this morning to write this piece before the news becomes too stale.

I always knew having a blogger partner was bad news!




Alright, alright, I will for once skip being long-winded and come straight to the point.

The result is: No wedding for us.

We tossed the coin 11 times. I originally suggested doing “Best of 10” because one toss felt too flippant and flukish. And, sure enough, 10 tosses ended up in a tie, so we had to do a tie-breaker toss. And the tie-breaker said no.

That was it.




So, both Piers and I went to bed rather sad.

I know. You are now going to say, “If you’re sad, that means you want the wedding, so JUST DO IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.”

But if the last coin had landed the other way, we would have gone to bed stressed and afraid. Either way, it was going to be bad news.

I know that sounds very ridiculous. This whole thing is ridiculous. But life is unfair and ridiculous.

So, I guess the decision has been made for us. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “And the result of the coin toss is

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    You know…roll with it and let it marinate. Just accept your feelings and go from there. Either way things will happen the way they should. Marriage is a good thing. All these changes are good. Be happy with that :). Good luck!

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    like you said, the decision has been made (from the coin toss) so LIGMO – let it go, move on.

    besides, a wedding is only a day, a marriage is a lifetime.

    have a happy marriage :)

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    @Pepper: Aww sorry. :(

    @Minyee: Thank you for your comment (and also all the ones in Facebook!). We are marinating deeply in the outcome of our coin toss. Ready to be BBQed now! :P

    @IncyWincy: Yep, you are right. Thank you! :)

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    To have any decision decided by a coin toss seems too flippant buy I suppose it still beats indecision.

    I would rather think of it as “it in doubt, don’t”

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    @Sheylara: Good to hear that it’s sorted for the time being:) Don’t sweat it, you’ve got your entire lifetime together to plan something should you decide to change your minds in future. Even now, i’m toying with the idea of renewing our vows come our 10th anniversary. So yeah, enjoy your time together now that it’s been decided:)

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    Yeah, there’s always vow renewal, which is a sweet thing, but it’s not something I would think of doing myself because I’d find it a bit embarrassing for me to make a big fuss over a marriage that’s already been done for so long. :P That’s kind of, if we do have a wedding celebration, it needs to be asap and not like next year or something.

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