I have a new blog competitor!!

Something amazing happened: Piers started blogging!

I know, right?!

He’s not really the writing kind, he doesn’t tweet nor Instagram, he’s got a Facebook account but he only reads stuff on it and never posts.

So, what in the world happened?


Will blog for food


Remember I mentioned starting a Dayre blog in my last post? Well, Piers signed up just so he could follow me and read my posts (or so he claimed).

And then, yesterday, wonder of wonders, he actually wrote a post!

His writing is hilarious and I think everyone should go get Dayre on your mobiles (it’s free!) so you can follow and read his blogs.

You can read Piers’ first post here but Dayre’s browser site doesn’t always load properly so your best bet is to install the app on your phone, search for Piers and follow him.


10 thoughts on “I have a new blog competitor!!

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    @wen: Haha, got potential, but not gonna happen on Dayre…. lol. And he can’t be bothered to blog on a proper blogging platform.

    @JayWalk: Thanks for supporting Piers’ blogging career, lol!

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    Just read Pier’s blog. I LOVE IT!!!! So silly, hilarious and a bit 无里头, just like a certain blogger called Sheylara.

    Oops, now I can see why you guys are so made for each other. LOL

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    @Sheylara: Was that string of paragraphs by Piers a whole post? Or did some time pass by and he just appended stuff as he went along? Either way, it reminded me of when both of you were active on Plurk, hehe:P

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    @Tiger4: lol, IKR, we both enjoy the same kind of humour! ;)

    @RN1209: That’s Dayre’s format. You just post bits throughout the day, and they all get compiled into that day’s blog. Oh, was Piers insufferable on Plurk as well? Haha, I don’t remember cos it’s been so long ago!

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    @Sheylara: Ohh, so it WAS at various points of time. Thanks for clarifying that:) If you just pen a couple of things over the course of a day, you really would have a bona fide post at the end. I guess the question now would be whether you would deign to transfer that content to your regular blog…

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    @RN1209: Eh, but the reason for blogging on Dayre is to offload all my boring stuff which I feel is unworthy of being posted here! :P Otherwise I would just blog here, period.

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