I am heartbroken!

Received the most awful piece of news about a week ago and now the worst has happened. :(

Last week, Basil was hit in the eye by a flying stone in a freak accident, while his mum and dad were away.

He went to the vet several times; the injury was very serious but there was a possibility it would get better. And it seemed to do so for a while. And then it got worse. And then, yesterday, he had to have his eye taken out!

I mean totally removed!

Poor Basil! It makes me cry thinking about him having to go through all that trauma, and then now having to be sightless in one eye forever. :( :( :(

I can’t wait to go back to England to see him. I’m going to baby the hell out of him.

Here’s my favourite photo of Basil.


Sweet Basil


Okay, I can’t talk about it anymore. Can’t stop crying when I’m talking about it!


3 thoughts on “I am heartbroken!

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    Aww, I so sorry Sheylara. Hugs. That is so sad that I want to cry too. Basil has been a source of many giggles in his starring role in the “The Kind of Dog I Love” comics.

    Not to make it sound less tragic, but Basil (like all dogs) use smell and sound far more than they use their eyes, so this is going to make him even more perceptive to what is going on. :) His little nose will be in places his eyes could never go now. And that will make him happy :)

    Plus, there a saying as JayWalk almost pointed out. “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then be a pirate”. Basil will make an outstanding pirate! :)

    When you get back to England, please give Basil a big hug for me and tell him I’d be honored to serve on his pirate crew! :)

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