My jet lag beats your jet lag

I am suffering from the worst jet lag in the entire history of jet lags. Okay, maybe just my history; I can’t be bothered to research other people’s history.

It’s a bit different every day, but the gist of it is that I’m waking up at stupid times in the middle of the night (like 4 am) and not being able to sleep again for the next six to eight hours, during which time I’m still lying in bed trying to fall asleep or trying to read myself to sleep. Eventually, I fall asleep at a time I’m supposed to be out and about doing errands or going shopping or whatever.

It is ruining all my plans. In the last one week, I can roughly break down my 24 hours a day thusly:

12 hours a days – In bed trying to fall asleep or in bed stoning because too sleep deprived to do anything.

6 hours a day – Restless sleep (separated into two sessions).

6 hours a day – Functional and able to do stuff, eat, go shopping, play games, etc.

Tell me you’ve encountered worse!

Piers bought me melatonin tablets, which are supposed to reset your body clock, to put it simply. It didn’t work at all the first two nights but there was a mild improvement last night. I managed with cheap ambien to sleep through till 5:30 am.

So I hope that means it’s working. Because if it doesn’t, I think I might literally die pretty soon, from sleep deprivation, frustration, stress and unhealthy Singapore food, combined.

Sorry, but will blog again if I haven’t died by next week.

Share your jet lag stories to make me feel better!

7 thoughts on “My jet lag beats your jet lag

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    You’re in Singapore now? Are you returning to the UK?

    3 days and I’m usually over the jet lag, but it’s during those same 3 days that I’m a zombie :P

    They say curling your toes on a carpeted floor helps. Never worked for me though :)

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    @Pepper: Yes I’m in Singapore now and I’m returning to the UK in a couple of months’ time perhaps. :) I think my jet lag is better now! I didn’t try the toe curling, though, that sounds rather weird plus I don’t have carpet at home, lol.

    @Hazel: Thank you for your kind comment! Very much appreciated! :)

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    The first time I went to Vancouver I told Tom confidently that I won’t get jetlagged – you know how I am, I can sleep anywhere as long as I’m not moving or within a moving vehicle. He scoffed at me.

    That very night when we landed we slept at 10pm because we’d stayed awake for nearly 18 hours to be able to sleep at night. I woke up at 3am, couldn’t sleep. Then secretly crawled off to use the computer so Tom wouldn’t scoff further at me the next morning. Lol!

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    It’s been more than two weeks now and I really need my Sheylara fix! :P

    When are you going to post again? I’m Jones’n here!! :P

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