Life after marriage

Of course, I didn’t expect anything to change after marrying Piers. We’d already lived together as well as endured a long-distance relationship, over a period of two and a half years, and we’d established routines, both in England and in Singapore.

Nothing’s changed.

Five days after we were married, he went back to England and we were back to spending every possible moment on FaceTime.


Long distance marriage


Well, we do have slightly different things to bicker about now.

For example:


Piers: We should buy a three-bedroom house so we can have a gaming room.

Sheylara: Great idea! Then you can invite Jamie over often for gaming!

(Jamie’s his best friend and they play Xbox games together.)

Piers: Yes!

Sheylara: I can play MMORPGs on my PC while you two play Xbox!

Piers: No!!!!!

Sheylara: What?

Piers: No MMORPGs!! I’ll lose you forever!

(I’m an incorrigible MMORPG addict once I get started, so he’s understandably worried.)

Sheylara: Erm… I’ll be sensible this time! I’ve, uh, grown up since!

Piers: NO!

Sheylara: HMMMPH!!


Actually, even that isn’t very much different from our usual bickering.

Yep, nothing’s changed. I haven’t changed. He hasn’t changed.

We’re still counting down the minutes till we can see each other again.

He still gets jealous when he sees me on web cam eating something tasty that he can’t get in England.

He still hates grocery shopping so I have to shop for him online. From 6,820 miles (10,976 km) away.

He still hangs his neckties on the key rack.


Male logic


I’m still a compulsive iPad (because I’m not allowed MMORPGs) gamer.

And still a bit tardy at blogging.

And we still have stupid conversations like this:


The scene
Our web cams are on. He’s having dinner while watching TV. I’m (supposedly) playing on my iPad. He suddenly notices me watching him.


Piers: Stop watching me eat! Go play your game!

Sheylara: Why can’t I watch my husband? (Ick! Word!)

Piers: Ah… husband! Haha. Oh yeah. Hmm… I don’t feel like a husband! So weird.

Sheylara: (lol)


Nothing’s changed. He’s still a big goofy bear.


Big goofy bear


Although nothing’s changed, life is definitely moving in an exciting new direction. We’re definitely going to get a much bigger place. Then we can have a gaming room! I can buy a piano and take lessons! Maybe drums! (We’ll probably have to bicker over that first.)

Since I’ll be living in the UK permanently, I will have a new occupation. Won’t talk about that now because I’m not fully decided yet. (Still trying to talk Piers into letting me be a stay-at-home gamer.)

Children will probably come next. That will turn our entire lives upside down so I’m really looking forward to it. Yes.


Little ones


But, other than those big changes, everything is still the same.

And I’m guessing that’s standard for most marriages.

So, nothing wrong, life is grand, all we need now is my UK visa and Bob’s our uncle.

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    @Sheylara: If there’s a nail on a wall, that’s where we will hang stuff. Why waste the key rack space anyway? Its not like you’re that Keymaker guy from The Matrix:P

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