The kind of dog I love — #9 Saves his poo


Saves his poo


Piers says my Basil cartoons are getting gross. But it’s not that gross, is it? It’s life! It’s all part of having a pet!

I told reader Pepper last week: When we love someone or something, we have to love them warts and all.

But I must admit that it’s much easier to love someone or something when you don’t have to put up with their poo every single day of your life. Basil is not my pet; he belongs to Piers’ parents and I babysit him occasionally, so it’s all very easy for me.

I might get truly annoyed if I had to deal with him pooing in batches every single day! (But he doesn’t really do it all the time, just occassionally.)

Okay, I’m going to Mallorca this weekend so there might not be a comic next week.

But we’ll see. I’m a very play-by-ear(-and-mood) person!

Love me for that if you love me at all!


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7 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #9 Saves his poo

  1. Avatar

    Thank you for the honorable mention! :P

    I have to say, however, I agree with Piers. You can love the warts and the scars and even missing limbs (if any), but anything that come out of that “factory” is something I classify as G.R.O.S.S. (Guaranteed to Ruin, Offend, make Sick, and Spoil) :P

    Sounds like you’re going to have a fun this coming weekend!

  2. Avatar

    @Pepper: You’re welcome! Thank you for being a friendly face at my blog! :P Well okay, you’re right, I don’t love Basil’s poo, omg no. I think what it means is you have to love them even though they make smelly poo everywhere. :P

    @JayWalk: Thanks! I will keep them coming, even though only a handful of people like them usually. :P

  3. Avatar

    “I think what it means is you have to love them even though they make smelly poo everywhere.”

    Hey, that’s what I keep telling people about my BF! :P

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    I can so relate to the basil comics. I have two dogs and just the other day my beagle (Romeo) decided to poop 3 times on his walk! I was just carrying two bags when he pooped again. It was so embarrassing but funny as well ;)

    Love the comics! Keep them coming ! :)

  5. Avatar

    Hi Pallavi! Thank you for your kind comment! :) It makes me feel happy when people like my comics! :D

    Yeah, about doggy poo. Basil doesn’t do multiple ones all the time, but after the first time he did it, I made sure to bring a stack of bags with me the next time, lol.

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