The kind of dog I love — #8 Sniffs inappropriate places


Sniffs inappropriate places


It’s not easy having a dog (or children, for that matter). They find new ways to embarrass you all the time!

Of course, dogs sniffing crotches and bottoms is nothing new. It’s just their way of getting to know a person or another dog.

But some male dogs are sexist, like Basil. They only sniff females. I’ve never seen Basil sniff a man’s crotch. And when I take him out for walks, I observe that he only sniffs some dogs and not others, so I assume they are female dogs.

Scientists say that dogs can tell if you have cancer (and other illnesses) just by sniffing you.

That’s quite a handy skill.

So, if your dog is acting strange around you, always sniffing at a different spot, or scratching, licking or biting a specific spot on your body, they may know something you don’t know.

Hmm. Basil’s always licking my arms and legs (besides sniffing my crotch). Oh no! Is he trying to tell me something?!


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