The kind of dog I love — #7 Sleeps on your bed


Sleeps on your bed


I can’t believe I’ve done quite so many of these Basil comics already.

Okay, seven strips is pathetic if you’re thinking about proper comic strips by proper cartoonists, but I’m not a proper anything and I never set out to draw comics in the first place.

(Although I did draw a bunch of comic strips for my teaching journal during my Montessori training last year, and I might share them when I run out of material for Basil comics.)

My original idea for a funny Basil post was to write: “5 things I love in a dog” and draw five crappy drawings to illustrate the post.

I’ve always done crappy drawings (using a mouse) to illustrate my writings when I didn’t have any photos. And that was the extent of my interest in drawing.

Then, as I wrote the points down and I looked at Basil’s silly earnest face staring at me, my list grew bigger. Also, when I drew some initial sketches, I realised that I had to draw at least four panels each for anything to make sense.

And that’s how Basil became a series and I befuddledly became a comic strip artist (although still not a proper one).

The few of you who enjoy my drawings, thank you for reading! :)


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13 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #7 Sleeps on your bed

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    I like to think they are slaves to me. Helps me justify an upgrade every time a new model comes out :) Now if Apple will just get on the ball and get out my iPhone 5, everything will be right in the world.

  2. Avatar

    If I have any self control, yes. Having a gold iPhone will complete my ego nicely!

    Beside, (and I am talking from experience here) it seems gold spray paint doesn’t apply to well to the 4S. :P

    If it’s true about the iPhoine gold kit, count me in!

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    @Sheylara: Not to be a downer or anything, but that bed is HUGE. Can’t you just shift once Basil is settled?:P I mean, so what if Piers has no room afterwards….

  4. Avatar

    @Pepper: If your gold spray paint doesn’t adhere to your 4S, it still might look good on your cheek as a kind of dramatic bronzer! :D

    @RN1209: Because then Piers will sleep on my face instead! :P

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