The kind of dog I love — #6 Has strange taste buds


Has strange taste buds


I don’t know if Basil is unique in this or there are other dogs like him.

He LOVES licking off my body lotions, hand moisturisers and sunscreens. Especially sunscreen. That’s his absolute favourite. He’d eat it all up if I don’t stop him.


I didn't do it!


Does your dog do it, too? Tell me Basil is not the only nutty dog!


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8 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #6 Has strange taste buds

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    He may apprear to be nutty, but I have a very good feeling he knows exactly what he is doing. Basil Bond is a smooth one :P

    How was your trip to London?

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    Yeah, you may be right! Basil’s a sneaky one! ;)

    My trip to London was wonderful, thanks for asking! Made many new friends, had yummy Singaporean food, and gawked at expensive stuff I can’t afford at Harrods! :D How was your weekend?

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    Sound like you had a good time. I’m happy for you :)

    My weekend was wonderful too. But I did run into some zombies! Seems like everyone in Hollywood thinks that Atlanta is where the Zombie Apocalypse is going to start. :P

    Just so you know, you and Basil are somewhat of a hero duo at CNN Digital. We post your “The Kind of Dog I Love” comics in our lobby. It’s nice to see overworked people stop by, smile and chuckle at them. One day we are goingl try to slip one on air. A frame or two of Basil and Sheylara won’t hurt, right? :)

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    Huh? Do you really post my comics at your workplace? Are there zombies at your workplace? I would be very happy if my comics made zombies smile!

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    Yes, I post them on the wall our floor lobby. It’s CNN’ so yes we have some people here who resemble zombies, especially on Monday morning’s. But both the zombies and the humans stop in for coffee and read your comics.
    So the next thing to do is to insert a frame with your comic into a media clip that runs on air. It’s been done before with other stuff. Many times actually. It’s not that hard considering we control all of the digital media for CNN :P

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