The kind of dog I love — #5 Gets too excited


Gets too excited


There’s nothing more to say about this, really. Basil is a very enthusiastic dog and gets excited at everything. He even gets excited at nothing.

I have tried taking a photo of him looking excited but it’s impossible because he’s either jumping all over the place in warp speed or trying to eat the camera.

So here’s a photo of him looking pleased.


Happy Basil


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5 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #5 Gets too excited

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    I love the comics. I want to have a dog when I was younger but I’m don’t think I can be responsible enough to look after one. Now I have a child I wished I have a pet who can play with my child.. :( Maybe 10years down the road I will get 1 when my child is grown up and no longer needs my company..

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    @Sheylara: Not just Basil comics, but any post that you decide to illustrate is always a good time:) Basil reminds me of that dog from The Mask. Sure hope you remember that movie:P

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    @Pepper: lol, well done, Pepper. You should take part in my Nuffnang challenge, too. You always seem to have so many funny, interesting ideas!

    @Christina: Yay! Thank you! I got one love! :D Yeah I know what you mean about responsibility. It’s really really difficult looking after a pet full-time!

    @JayWalk: Hahaha. Dunno if you know Scruffy my ex-dog. He pees every time he sees ANYONE (whether it’s a visitor or anyone in the family coming home). It’s really annoying!

    @RN1209: Oops! Erm…. I don’t remember much of The Mask, nothing about a dog, lol. I only remember Jim Carrey looks freaky in that mask and I didn’t like the movie very much. :P

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