22 thoughts on “Not Ben Affleck! We want Christian Bale as Batman!

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    WTF???? Ben Affleck??????

    That’s my reaction when I first read about it. Seriously???? SERIOUSLY??? I mean he directs fantastic and acts better now… but BATMAN???? BRUCE WAYNE???? They need to get a no-namer so that they can reboot a new Batman series. But featuring Affleck????

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    Hi Xrande, long time no see! :D I’m sorry for your pain, lol. Personally, I was a bit disappointed at first cos I liked Christian Bale as Batman. And I’m not really a huge fan of Ben Affleck. But then I remembered that I actually enjoyed watching Daredevil, and I thought Ben was a good Daredevil, so I think he’ll be alright.

    I know many people don’t share my view but, well, I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction when the new movie releases. ;)

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    What would life be without a few lame jokes. Pretty lame, I’d say!!

    One more for the road. “Ben (Affleck) there, done that” :P

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    LTNS too Shey. We need to get together in TESO! :D Though you’d be 6 hours behind us always.

    I don’t know about Affleck in Daredevil. That movie was tons of crap … and it was a bad nightmare. But Affleck is Batman??? He would pass as Bruce probably. But I rather they find someone new. Cos aren’t they going to continue milking Batman after? Use Affleck for the next 3 Batman movies too???

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    Aww, my MMO days are over, sadly. And it’s 7-8 hours behind, which is totally no incentive for me to play at all! :P

    How many movies did you see Ben Affleck in? Why do you think he’s so bad?

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    Affleck newer movies are fantastic. He’s a pretty good actor as of late but a way better Director. Now his Daredevil days are crap. As an actor I don’t think Affleck is a bad one. But to get a popular actor doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill of superheroes. At least a lot of the superhero movies all pretty much tanked when they used famous actors; reminds me of the dark days of Batman with sexy Kilmer and nipple Clooney.

    It is like asking Nicholas Cage to play Superman… which was considered some point in time. It is just not right imagining Affleck as Batman. The movie will probably be decently good, like Man of Steel. He probably won’t such that bad in a Batman suit. But I’ve seen too many of Affleck’s movies to not imagine his usual style, gesture and voice. So to see it in Batman is weird.

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    I don’t. He is loving the press and I bet he’ll show everyone that he can be the best Batman yet (for whatever that’s worth).

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    And don’t feel too bad. Change.org is a dumping ground for crybabies. If someone doesn’t like something…..ANYTHING they hop on the site and complain about it in the form of a petition. Every now and again a worthy cause gets through, but for the most part it’s a funny daily read with my morning orange juice.

    That Ben as Batman petition is in good company with the petitions for “putting gays and lesbians on their own island” and the “putting a fence around the entire USA and keeping everyone out”.

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    My only concern for this and that’s no dig at Affleck he is after all an academy award winner with a director mindset himself is the lack of continuity and consistency. Yes this is at Zack and sadly Chris Nolan who up until now has been brilliant for the dark knight franchise. Hollywood has sadly become too dependent on the release of superhero movies, Marvel are bashing them out faster than a conveyor of lucky charms. Obviously through this it has pushed Warner bros to come back with an answer of there own “JL” and obviously this is the path set but in order to compete with marvel Zack and producer Chris Nolan have to understand the impact of change especially when it comes to critical casting. Marvels Avengers success has come from the consistency of its casting and the fans are loving that. This has obviously been key to the foundation of the success that they have endured at marvel and even beyond Avengers Assemble with the same faces having all returned, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Junior, Tom Hiddleston to name but a few. Chris Nolan has often spoke of the validity of gravity to his Dark Knight Stories and removal of the man we have all come to know as the dark knight will undoubtedly undo that in the way that the audience will have the first task in the new movie of trying to forge a new connection with Afflecks Dark Knight. Warner bros destroyed batman in the late nineties after not one but two changes In the casting of the main man in Val Kilmer and George Clooney. So the big question is after millions spent on the revamp that took 6 years of shear brilliance to achieve would such a gamble be made once again. Life is a learning curve and without excepting the mistakes of our past we run the risk of the same mistakes been made in our future. This comment of the same Internet slant been pushed upon Heath is no comparison and shameful as the man is no longer with us. Heath gave us the Chris Nolans joker. Bale gave us the Chris Nolans Dark Knight and if the validity of gravity to the story of Chris Nolans and Zacks “JL” is to be achieved then careful consideration should be given before undoing the foundation of the connection to the Dark Knight as portrayed by Chris Bale is commenced which could potentially disconnect the audience for the sake of achieving the objective of slapping down a convenient screening date of 2015 to combat Avengers 2. Food for thought

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, loved the cow at the end:D As for the whole Ben casting as Batman brouhaha, i say give the bro a beer coz boy, while we’re bitching, he’s making serious bank and banging the babe from Elektra:P

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    @Azza: Thanks for your food for thought. I get what you’re saying and I do have the same feelings regarding having to “bond” with another actor in a loved character. But I think in the long run, it always works out. For example, James Bond has been played by so many actors throughout the franchise’s history and each change has probably pissed off a number of fans, but the franchise continues to remain popular and everlasting.

    @Pepper: Hahaha. Personally, I am very glad Batman does not look like that anymore.

    @RN1209: Thanks! :) Hey, if he’s got bank and babe, I say don’t give him any beer. HE should be the one giving out the beer! :P

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