Marmite TV advert — Love it or hate it?

I just watched the new Marmite TV advert that’s garnered a lot of attention in the last day or so.

It parodies animal rescue team members in action.

Watch it, see if you love or hate it.



Lots of people enjoy its humour.

But lots of haters have also filed hundreds of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, claiming that the advert is “offensive”, “in poor taste” and “trivialises the work of animal welfare charities”.

Personally, I love the advert. It gave me giggles and I thought it was really cute and clever.

I don’t think it trivialises anyone. If anything, I feel that it brings to attention the plight of neglected abused pets and, therefore, raises the profile of animal charities.

As I was watching the advert, I found myself wondering about poor, cute little animals who need to be rescued, and I feel sorry for them and I feel really happy that there are animal rescue workers out there who might rescue them.

That is a good thing, is it not?

What do you think? Do you love or hate the new Marmite advert?

13 thoughts on “Marmite TV advert — Love it or hate it?

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    I think it’s cute. Haters just take things too seriously.

    Marmite is the same as Vegemite. It’s a concentrate. You can spread it on toast and have it for breakfast (Western countries) or mix a spoonful in rice porridge (Eastern countries). It’s really salty and I guess a good substitute for flavour in poorer countries.

    I hate it. Hate the taste of it. I’d rather not eat than to eat marmite. :x

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    @DJSkyler: Hello!! Great to see you again. :) You must know Bovril, at least, right. s it’s the same kind of thing. :P

    @Valarie: I don’t really like Marmite, too. But I love Bovril, heh. :P

    @hello: Love you name. ;)

    @JayWalk: Yeah, you’re right. But it just annoys me. I prefer Bovril, too! Can you get the real beef Bovril in QQland?

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    Love it. A+ for the ad firm that made it. I’m not a big fan of marmite, but the ad does a very good job of making people connect their product to animal rescue.

    Marmite and heart string pulling for everyone!! :P

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    That’s good, then! I wonder if it tastes different, though. I haven’t really experimented. Don’t remember the last time I had Bovril in Singapore! :P It might have even been before the beef ban, lol.

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    JayWalk – Ha, exactly!

    Shey – We had yeast extract Bovril for years! They were dark times for me. Only last couple of years has Beef Bovril come back and all is good again – around the same time you came in to my life actually. Wow, what a year that was! Beef Bovril (and you)!

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