Help Sheylara become less sad

You can help, you really can.

I know people don’t like reading long stories so I have done an infographic-style appeal because everyone loves infographics!




Okay, now you know what’s going on (hopefully), here’s the link to the competition details, but you don’t have to read it to help.

What you do need to do is hop over to Twitter and do the first task now cos the competition has started!

I need you to answer this question:

“If were a film, which one would it be and why?”


Tweet your answer with

the hashtag #tellNuffnang.


Tweet your answer now! :)


They’re looking for insight and creativity, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t think of anything good. Just tweet something because I need at least one response for each task, to even be in the competition!

Thank you so very much!!

(a million kisses!)

11 thoughts on “Help Sheylara become less sad

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    Hey Sheylara, weren’t you intending on becoming a full time pre school teacher, which is why you took the montessori course?

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    @andrew: wheee! Well done you!! :D

    @Anon: Actually, I did the course because I wanted a qualification to work as a part-time babysitter cos I think I’d enjoy that occasionally. I did keep my options open for the possibility of being a full-time nursery teacher but, after going through it, I feel that it’s not really me. I love working with kids but I can’t do it five days a week, 10 hours a day! :P

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    Guess I’m wasn’t quick enough on the draw. But next time we shall see who gets first! I’ll bet she smells like rose pedals and happiness! :P

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    @Sheylara: Heh, these “first comment” exchanges are bringing another wave of nostalgia… anyway, here’s to you succeeding in your next wave, my pal:)

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    @Pepper: Haha, I’ll bet she does! ;)

    @RN1209: LOL, doesn’t it? Remember I used to have the Top Commenter feature? That was funny, wasn’t it? Thanks very much for your well-wishes and continued support! ;)

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