The kind of dog I love — #3 Follows you everywhere


Jumps on your lap


On the whole, I do think it’s quite endearing when your pet follows you everywhere you go. It means they love being near you all the time, right?

Basil isn’t my pet; I’m just his occasional babysitter, so I’m probably just a novelty item for him.

But should I find it creepy when a big boy dog follows me into the bedroom and watches while I change, or follows me into the bathroom and watches while I take a bath?

Theoretically, no. Dogs aren’t perverts like human beings can be, right?

In reality, I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking every time he watches me.

“Why does she always go to this giant box and change her skin?”

“Why does she walk around the kitchen making a lot of noise banging things around for an hour and I still don’t have new food in my bowl?

“Can she stop walking around the whole house for no reason already? I’m getting dizzy following her.”

In the eyes of simple creatures whose only wants are food, shelter, love and walks, our actions must seem very bizarre.

Like that time when I was doing selfies using the timer on my camera, and I was going back and forth setting the camera then posing, setting the camera then posing, Basil stood on one spot and stared at me quizzically the whole time.




Whenever we’re on the sofa together and a loud snort suddenly bursts out of my throat because I’ve just read something funny on my iPad, Basil will jump in fright and stare at me, his eyes huge as saucers.




Maybe it’s just me. I think I’m strange, compared to the average human being. So, what must dogs think of me?

What do you think? Does your pet think you’re weird. Do you think I’m weird? Do you think your pet is weird?

Let’s have a conversation going until the next episode! =)


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7 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #3 Follows you everywhere

  1. Avatar

    I can’t help but to attach a British accent to what I imagine Basil is thinking. Like when you startle him with a laugh he exclaims “What the dithers?”

  2. Avatar

    It’s cute that he follows you around everywhere. He obviously has good taste in ladies :P

    I can here the Bond theme music in my head as he walks in the room and discovers you there changing clothes :P

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