The kind of dog I love — #1 Won’t play fetch

This is the start of a series of comic strips I’m going to draw based on my experience babysitting Basil, who belongs to Piers’ parents.

He was adopted at age three and hadn’t been trained to respond to commands or do doggy tricks, and I think Piers’ parents were quite happy to leave it that way since they just wanted a dog to love.

He’s about six or seven now, generally quite well-behaved and doesn’t cause too much trouble, but he can drive you nuts (in an affectionate eye-rolling way) with his doggy personality.

So this comic series is dedicated to silly, loving Basil and his awesome owners, Peter and Piper.



The kind of dog I love - Won't play fetch



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9 thoughts on “The kind of dog I love — #1 Won’t play fetch

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    Funny. That’s exactly what the hotdog guy out in front of the CNN Center does. When a dog does it, it’s cute. But when a hotdog guy does it, it’s ….well…..creepy.

    Me: I’ll have one foot long with everything
    Hotdog guy: Sure thing, hon. $4.00
    Me: (hands him a 5)
    (Five minutes later)
    Me: How’s that hotdog coming?
    Hotdog guy: You order a hotdog, hun?
    Me: Yes. It’s why I have been standing here in front of your cart for the last 5 minutes. I’m waiting for my hotdog and change.
    Hotdog guy: You sure, hun?
    Me: No, I’m just standing here by your cart in the rain for no reason at all. Of course I am sure.
    Hotdog guy: Oh yeah, that’s right It’s coming. Just a sec (Whatever that means)
    5 minutes later
    Me: That’s a long sec. How hard is it to pull out a hotdog from the bin and put it in a bun? Because I can do it for you if you like?
    Hotdog guy: Naw, I get paid to do it, hon.
    Me: You know, there are tons of reporters in the building behind you that would love to do a story on a hotdog vender that doesn’t actually sell hotdogs.
    Hotdog guy: Here’s your hotdog with everything and your change!
    Me: Thanks, hun.

    Creepy :P

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    Haha. I ask people to talk about dogs like Basil and you talk about a GUY. :P Sounds very absent-minded your hotdog guy, but at least he didn’t ask you to pay again!

    Speaking of absent-minded, we were at a small countryside pub last month for dinner, and when we asked for the bill, our waitress brought it over. Then we actually waited an hour for her to come and collect our money and she never did. She was busy flirting with customers at the counter, laughing at their jokes and stuff.

    We finally gave up waiting and walked over with our money. She saw us and went, “Oops, sorry,” and looked quite shocked but I felt she wasn’t apologetic enough. We didn’t give her a hard time though, just paid up and left.

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    Dropping the bill, then going to mingle with the locals and not returning to collect is high up on the rudeness meter.

    Sorry. I was just connecting the dots. Dog plays fetch, but doesn’t return the ball, Hotdog guy plays vendor and doesn’t give me my dog or my change because he forgot… a dog.

    As for dogs (the fluffy, cute and barking kind)? I don’t have any of those stories. My cats over the years have been entertaining in their own way. But I’ve been accused (on occasion) of being a cat lady so I will spare you the agony of me waxing poetically about my felines or them waxing poetically about their human.

    Howver, my mama used to say “Striking up conversation with a firend is the best thing you can do for both of you, even if it’s off the topic”.

    Sothern charm is not all dead.

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    Lol. Bad attitudes indeed!

    Yeah, my cat’s may be cleaner and smell better, but their loyalty is to the ole’ mighty catnip god. I’m just an appliance for dispensing food and cleaning the cat litter. Dogs have a sense of loyalty that no other creature has except humans.

    Basil is very cute. Even with the evil eye.

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    Maybe you should’ve spoken to him in a British accent, like “I say, old boy, it would be brill if you’d bring the ball back, nowt, would it?”

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    @Pepper: Haha yeah, that’s why cats rock, because they can’t be bothered with you and make you their slave. :P Basil IS really cute. He’s a sweetie pie!

    @Honey: Thank you. I’m happy you like it! Coming up soon! :D

    @RN1209: Hahahahaha. Why not, huh? Let’s!

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