My flat has been vibrating all day

I think I am cursed. Building construction projects follow me wherever I go. I am not joking. It is mad.

It bothers me because I work from home. I hear every drill and every pounding.

I also have a biological aversion to loud noises. They frighten me and give me anxiety attacks. My cortisol levels shoot through earth’s stratosphere. The effect itself was initially positive. But after 3 months of indescribably bad and violent dizziness and nausea, I slowly stopped taking Xanax. This violent nausea did not stop and went ONLY. So constantly. I don’t know how to describe it, think of a situation where you became infinitely bad, really sick and dizzy. 100 times at! I’m expecting to die from stress 20 years before my supposed life expectancy.


Death comes


I won’t go too far back in my history because my memory is a bit hazy, so let’s start from a reasonably recent timeline.



I lived in a house (in Singapore). My immediate next-door neighbour spent a year and a half tearing up his house and putting it back together again. Well, I don’t know what the heck he was doing to his house. All I know is that it was LOUD and it lasted 18 months.


My favourite activity



I moved back to my parents’ 10-storey flat. Just at the same time, the council decided to install a new lift literally outside my door. The project was going to take two years to complete. TWO YEARS OF DRILLING AND POUNDING.


You rang?



I met Piers and happily buggered off to England, although I still had to stay with my parents in Singapore six months a year due to visa limitations.



In England. The Bournemouth Borough Council decided to build 400-capacity multi-storey carparks and 400-capacity student housing RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD from Piers’ flat.

The project will take a year and a half to complete.

The flat bloody vibrates when they… well, I really don’t know. I don’t know what they are doing to make my flat quake.


Wormy earthquake


So it doesn’t matter whether I’m in Singapore or in England. There is always some construction work next door. I am cursed!

Piers says we should move out of the flat by the time the carpark and student housing are done because, speaking from experience, we don’t want to be neighbours with 400 university students.

Right, so, I will enjoy a year and a half of earthquakes in my flat and disco-decibel volume in my ears, then we will run off to a new flat and discover that our new next-door neighbour has just embarked on a project to tear a bedroom off to build a jamming studio.

I look forward to the rest of my life.

Now, will someone please tell me that I am not alone in this curse?

9 thoughts on “My flat has been vibrating all day

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    Cos need to save more money so we can get a better place, maybe. And there’s also time involved in searching for a place and doing it up. And also, I have to go back to Singapore in September and might be gone for three months, depending how long it takes to process my visa (or even whether it’s successful). :P

    And thanks! I did more comics just for you la! :D

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    If you don’t like loud construction projects, stay out of the USA. They are always building something here. When they run out of room to build the just build upward or in some cases downward or sideways. Makes for a traffic nightmare, but if you are one of the many unlucky ones, they are building a high rise, a parking garage, a train station and a college right next door.

    Don’t get me started on the road projects.

    Keep the comics coming! They are great!

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    @Sheylara: You lived in a 10-storey flat in 2010? That’s no flat, its an entire building! Just kidding, heh:P Nice work with the illustrations:) I liked that you were still in pink in both universes.

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    @Pepper: Thanks! :) I guess we can’t escape it. Everywhere in the world, they are always building something! Actually, I think China is the worst. They literally have a building project or road drilling project around every street corner! (In the cities that I’ve visited, anyway.)

    @RN1209: Erm… I’m not sure whether that was an attempt at a lame joke or I’ve written something wrong? :P Yes, you’re very observant. Did you also notice that the pink is duller to complement the old age? :P

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    I feel for you. The noise is deafening, not to mention nerve wracking. The good thing here is that they warn you months in advance, so you have time to go out a buy ear plugs :P

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    @Sheylara: Its supposed to be 10th-storey flat what…:P anyway, no, i can’t tell the pink is duller, but the hair is definitely more grey, hehe.

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    @Pepper: Oh yeah, I do sometimes plug into my music (headphones, earphones, whatever) to escape the noise. But other times, using noise to escape noise seems silly! :P

    @RN1209: Ah, I see what you mean now. I meant flat as the whole building, so 10-storey flat meaning a flat/building that has 10 storeys, and I live in that building. Does that make sense? :P

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