Feeling nostalgic in Ludlow Castle

The reason I chose to stop at Ludlow on our way to Wales was because I remember the name of the town from an MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) called Dark Age of Camelot, which I played 12 years ago.

A lifetime ago!

It’s a strange and beautiful feeling to read a fantasy book or play a fantasy game based on locations in England and then years or decades later visit the very same places for real.

Of course, the real town looks very different from the game town since the game is set in the 6th Century where 90% of the world is basically vegetation and dirt paths.

Today, Ludlow is a smallish market town with a large number of Tudor-style buildings nestled among more modern buildings, lining the sides of gravel roads.




Here, I found a screenshot of the Ludlow in the game (from this website) so you can make a comparison!




Tudor houses!

Gosh, the nostalgia. Some people think I’ve wasted my entire life being addicted to computer games and it’s true I could have done a lot of useful things in the time I was playing games but I don’t regret it one bit. My most treasured memories are of my gaming adventures. The worlds may be virtual but you’re interacting with very real people who make you laugh and cry, and I have made many, many good friends through gaming.

Okay, back to the present.

Because we were on our way to Wales, all we had time for was a quick zip through the streets, heading straight for Ludlow Castle since that seemed to be the most obvious landmark, then 30 minutes to look inside (at £5 a pop).

Fortunately, the castle wasn’t very big, and most of it was in ruins anyway, so 30 minutes was quite enough. Photos now!



A panoramic view of the courtyard, taken from the top of a tower. The round building on the left was the chapel:

Ludlow Castle



The entrance to the castle. Doesn’t look so grand with the crumbly bits!

Ludlow Castle



Steps leading to the main wing of the castle:

Ludlow Castle



Some mouldy castle walls. Piers was controlling my camera through his phone via Wifi but it was a mess and the camera kept snapping when it wasn’t supposed to:

Ludlow Castle



A view of the top of the castle walls and some scenery beyond:

Ludlow Castle



More scenery beyond:

Ludlow Castle



Me feeling a bit stressed because our 30 minutes were nearly up and we were on metered parking:

Ludlow Castle


Sorry the photos are quite small but I can’t help it since my blog has a fixed width of 500 pixels to make reading text easier. But hope you like them anyway.

Well, I don’t know if all gamers have the same kind of great memories as I do or whether they feel as strongly about them. If you do, let me know!

10 thoughts on “Feeling nostalgic in Ludlow Castle

  1. Avatar

    That castle looks so creepy and cool! 30 minutes is enough creepiness for one day for me, though :)P

    The last photo shows off an amazing smile :)) And I like your hair too!

    Maybe your next post should to be on how clicking the Facebook “like” button is not a replacement or credit for commenting on the post :)P You’re surely bored of just me commenting by now.

  2. Avatar

    Yes, indeed, that’s a good idea. I should do just that. :P Never bored of your comments though, they’re always interesting!

    This castle is not so creepy compared to other ones I’ve been to, because it’s quite open, with a lot of walls destroyed. The creepy ones are the ones with lots of intact rooms with very little light in them, and stairwells with crumbly spiral staircases which you have to climb very carefully, sometimes in darkness…

  3. Avatar

    There’s all kinds of creepy to me. Doesn’t take much. Just knowing that there used to be people walking the halls 300+ years ago given me that creepy feeling. But so does the guy selling hotdogs outside the CNN building, so my creepy meter points at most things. Maybe I’m a little bias in the creepy judgment category.

    So, when am I going to be able to attend Sheylara’s school for Early Childhood Development? I just read some of your posts on you going to school for ECD.

  4. Avatar

    @Pepper: Wow, sure doesn’t take much to creep you out. Hot dog guy? lol.

    Um, if I ever do start a school for ECD, I don’t think you’ll qualify, being overaged. Unless you’re a 4-year-old prodigy and not telling us! :P

  5. Avatar

    If you saw the hot dog guy, you’d be a little creeped out too :P

    OK, so I might be too old to attend, but I can surely come and see what it’s like to have a childhood. :P (jokeing of course).

  6. Avatar

    Yeah! I spent years.. ok maybe a decade or 2 gaming and it was great watching the gaming community grow till where it is today. Making lots of friends along the way was fun too!

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