9 thoughts on “Does your boyfriend do this too?

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    All the time. It;s in their DNA. In the early 1900s., scientists identified the “Anythingbutthat” gene inherent to only men. It is known to be a very subjective gene and it’s often more active on Friday nights, especially when dinner is involved. It’s a subset of the common gene set called “Idon’tremembereversayingthat”.

    Now I’m off to audition for American Idol with 60,000 others becuase there is not enough traffic on the roads in Atlanta today and I want to do my part. :P

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    Oh yeah, my boyfriend definitely has that “Idon’tremembereversayingthat” gene in giant size. :P

    Wow, are you really going to audition for that? Good luck!! :D

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    Am I going to the American Idol audition? No. I was being sarcastic about adding another car to the traffic jam they call Atlanta because of the 60,000 other cars on the way to it today. :P

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    It’s on my way into work. Tens of thousands of people on their way to be disappointed during the morning commute into Atlanta. If the one’s I saw this morning sing the way they drive, there are going to be contest judges wishing they didn’t sign up for the panel this year. :P

    The things people do (and do not do) just amazes me, but I’ll keep my complaining to myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sheylara!

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    Well, I think the auditions are funny to watch, anyway. :P But of course, if my commute to work is screwed up by tens of thousands of auditionees, then maybe I won’t find it so funny…

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