Cynhynfa Country Guest House and Singapore hawker food

So, the story is that I belong to a Facebook group called Singaporeans in the UK and, a few weeks ago, I told the group that I was going on a road trip to Wales. I asked for suggestions and got a lot of helpful advice, which helped me plan my route.

Someone also mentioned that a Singaporean lady owns a bed and breakfast on the border of England and Wales. Since it was in a location that could fit into my then very sketchy route, I thought it would be a great idea to stay a night there.

And so we did!

This is Cynhynfa Country Guest House. (It’s pronounced something along the lines of “ker-nin-fa” if I recall correctly.)


Cynhynfa Country Guest House


Singaporean Nora runs the bed and breakfast together with her English husband. She’s full of funny stories, on Facebook and in real life, so it was a real pleasure getting to know her.

Her house decor is beautiful! Every piece of furniture and ornament seems to have been carefully picked and thoughtfully placed. The stylish setting indoors was a real surprise after driving through miles and miles of country.



Our bedroom:

Cynhynfa Country Guest House



Another bedroom, a little one with a slopey ceiling:

Cynhynfa Country Guest House



The dining room:

Cynhynfa Country Guest House



The view from the dining room:

Cynhynfa Country Guest House



Outside the house:

Cynhynfa Country Guest House


Nora was really hospitable. She made us feel at home immediately and fed us some homemade curry puffs because I’d told her that Piers is mad about them, haha. (I mean he is literally crazy about them. When we’re in Singapore, he turns into an excited puppy every time we pass by a stall or shop that sells curry puffs. He’ll be, like, “Oh looooook curry puffs omg!!!”)

She also cooked us a nice Asian dinner at no extra charge because I’m homesick for Singaporean food and it was gorgeous. She and her husband sat down to dinner with us and we had a nice time swapping stories and getting to know one another.



Sambal tomato prawn:

Sambal tomato prawn



Chicken curry:

Chicken curry


Speaking of Singaporean food, I told Piers about the Gordon Ramsay vs Singapore hawker food challenge and he was really excited because he’s a huge fan of Singaporean food and he thinks it’ll be good for the celebrity chef to try it.

Not quite the reaction I had expected.

Personally, I find it a bit silly because people of different cultures have different taste buds, so the winner of the challenge is going to be affected by where the judges come from and what sort of tastes they’re used to, so how will that prove anything?

Also, they’re going to make Gordon Ramsay cook something he’s probably never even eaten (he did mention a lack of experience in Singaporean food) against people who have cooked those dishes for decades. Huh?


Gordon Ramsay vs Singapore


Then again, this whole thing is just a publicity stunt to promote Singapore hawker food and give Gordon Ramsay as well as the organisers a lot of publicity, so it’ll probably just be an entertaining show where all parties come off winning, in some way or other.

Sorry about the digression but I had sort of come to an end, anyway.

So, Cynhynfa Country Guest House was a nice start to our entry into Wales. We didn’t really have time to visit around the area but if you look in the website, you will find many great places to visit nearby.

And that’s the problem with holidays, isn’t it? There’s always too much to see and experience, and never enough time to do everything!

8 thoughts on “Cynhynfa Country Guest House and Singapore hawker food

  1. Avatar

    Looks like a wonderful place! The special dinner she made for you two is a sweet thing to do.

    I’ve never had food (real food, not the vendors here claiming to be from) Singapore, but I hear it’s the best food on the planet.

    Georgia weather and Singapore weather I hear are very similar , so I would probably handle it well.

    Well, now you have me planning at trips to England AND Singapore. :P

  2. Avatar

    Ooh, that’s nice. I didn’t know some people consider Singapore food to be the best. :D Well, you definitely have to visit if you ever have a chance! And ask me for recommendations. Don’t just pop in anywhere for a meal cos not all eateries were created equal! :P

  3. Avatar

    Don’t get me wrong, I love meetups! I love meeting all the summer sales events at the mall and the kind guy who help me fund these kinds of meetups :P

  4. Avatar

    Anything that has me in new shoes and a hot little outfit is a meetup with attending! :P
    I considered starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise shopping meetup funds in an artful way, but it seems not many people would be interested in funding a southern girls’ need for accessories to complete her fashion collection. Especially after Paula Deen ruined southern charm :P

    So how does this place compare to the first one you stayed in on your trip?

  5. Avatar

    I definitely liked this one a lot better; aesthetics is very important for me! :D And of course the host was so much more friendlier in this one too. ;)

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