Jealous boyfriend

Hello, what do we have here? Another comic story based on real life events!

(Yay! More crappy cartoons!)

Hope you like it!








































































The End!

Yeah, I know it’s a bit abrupt. I’m not such a good comic writer, am I?

Nevertheless, please drop me a comment if you like it (or just hit the Facebook Like button if you’re lazy).

It takes freaking forever to draw these crappy cartoons (using a mouse) so if no one likes them, I probably should stop drawing them!

But thanks for reading!


By the way disclaimer: The boyfriend isn’t really the jealous sort. We just enjoy teasing each other!

11 thoughts on “Jealous boyfriend

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    @DJSkyler: Hehe, thanks! Good to see you again! Hope you’ve been well! :)

    @Ellie: lol, great! I don’t need to name my characters then! :P

    @isyaaan: Hello Aska, thanks for commenting! Miss you!

    @Nick: Thank you, okay, I’ll try not to stop, lol.

    @Faith: Haha thanks. I know you always enjoy anything remotely funny. You’re the “laughiest” person I know. :P

    @Pepper: Thanks for being such an encouraging reader all the time! ;)

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