A hole in your sock

The following is based on a true story and presented in comic form. I’m not going to say whose story it is because my birthday is coming up soon and I don’t want to ruin my chances of getting lots of nice presents.



























































































Lovingly dedicated to the person who had a hole in his sock but not anymore.


13 thoughts on “A hole in your sock

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    LOL! My BF did a similar thing to a hole in his cotton tee shirt! Except mine used duct tape to cover up his “oopsies” until he could hide the “evidence”. It’s a good thing he can’t hide anything very well (including the missing patch of hair on his chest. LOL

    Looks like we share an affliction, Sheylara.

    Boyfriend Syndrome! :P

    (Sorry Piers. It was way too obvious. But you really should get her lots of BD presents anyway.)

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    Yes. Very entertaining to watch LOL

    Bfs are good for some things, like lifting heavy things and changing the oil in my car LOL

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    Cousin, but technically you will only risk losing one potential gift ma, unless you are expecting multiple gifts from this particular person. : )

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    I love your drawings! Not sure what to say about Piers but yeah, it was obvious it was the boyfriend. :P

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    He’s lucky.

    “Perhaps the most important message however, is the fact that when cyanoacrylate glue comes into contact with skin together with fabrics such as cotton, it can cause a severe exothermic reaction resulting in full thickness burns to the skin.”

    – from the medical report of a 2-year-old victim who required skin graft surgery.

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    My BF is good for squashing bugs, fixing my stuff and general manly duties assigned at birth too.
    But the “model” I have does many “entertaining” things that I wish I could have captured on video and posted to YouTube.
    Come to think of it, every model has a silly button that has to be pushed every now and then. You know. That button that reminds us girls that we are still in control (and possibly smarter) :P

    Tip: Always keep a camera phone handy. BFs never cease to entertain! You just never know when they are going to staple a hole closed in their socks or duct tape a burn/rip in their tee shirt.

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    @Haicun: Yes, you are right! I am expecting multiple gifts from this person! :D

    @Neo: Haha, well good for you then. It means you can ignore irritating sensations on your body. :P

    @Piers: Told you I’m a bad artist. :P

    @Valarie: Aww thanks! :) It’s really great to know that someone appreciates my amateurish drawings.

    @Mince Pye: Maybe (hopefully) he took them off when applying the super glue. I’m not sure cos he didn’t mention it when telling me about it, and I didn’t ask. Can’t ask now cos he’s asleep! lol. But that’s a pretty scary fact, anyway. You should watch the video on the OMG Facts page where they did an experiment on a ball of cotton, which literally caught fire. Scary!

    @Faith: Glad you enjoyed it, monster!

    @Pepper: I agree, it’s great to have an entertaining BF model. :P But mine has a superpower concerning cameras. The moment he sees me whip up the camera, he’s, like, *turns away* don’t take my photo!!!

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