Dear reader who has not deleted me off your RSS feed

Congratulations for encountering this rare spawn on You have found a new blog post!

You are now reading yet another possibly futile attempt by me to jump start my blog again after yet another long period of unexplained disappearance.

To somewhat explain things, in the last 12 months, I’ve had to write a total of 33,408 words worth of essays for my Montessori course. And that’s not counting the 20,000 words that got written and deleted in edits.

My brain thought it best not to churn out any more words than was absolutely necessary. Hence the blog freeze while the essays took precedence.


It's very, very cold.


But it’s now 2013. My course is over and I have lived a life of leisure for a whole month. I have watched four seasons of The Big Bang Theory, tried to read about 10 books all at once on my Kindle, and played numerous inconsequential games on the iPad and Facebook.

And now my stupid fickle-minded brain wants me to stop being a lump of clay and get writing again so here we are.

I thought I might start with a graphical update because I’m aware that some of my readers are not Facebook addicts, therefore have not seen my latest attempt to annoy Piers.


Here’s a photo taken in July 2012:




And here’s one from October 2012:




To my annoyance, the attempt to annoy Piers did not succeed.

Before I had my hair cut, Piers was, like:

“Noooooo nooooooooo do not get a fringe. I like your hair all long!”

After the hair cut:

“Oh, you look quite nice.”


Since then, I have experimented with different ways to wear my fringe.


25 December 2012:



5 January 2013:



12 January 2013:



You can see that I have since Christmas acquired the hobby of taking pixelated photos in front of random light sources. It is because this is totally random and there is no reason other than happenstance.

And, actually, the side-swept bangs are more the result of laziness at trimming my fast-growing hair than the aforementioned stab at experimentation. It’s a bit like sweeping all the dirt under the carpet and pretending it doesn’t exist.

You see what I mean? I sweep my bangs to the side to prevent them from poking my eyes out.

You might be interested to know that, after decades of hating my hair, I still hate my hair.

But that’s old news, so I won’t go into it. Otherwise, get me started and I can’t stop.


In other news, there is no other news. My course is over, I am a lady of leisure, I hate my hair. That about covers it all.

So, then, until the next time! Which, if things go according to plan, will happen within the decade. I promise.

8 thoughts on “Dear reader who has not deleted me off your RSS feed

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    Welcome back! I was doing Honours in a cell death lab (guess who’s the lab boss), I was so occupied that there was no time for anything. Rushing experiments like mad. But at last, it was over and I had a short stint of writing for a K-pop news site. Finally I’m back to blogging!

  2. Avatar

    Glad to see you back, hoping to read more from you and your life in the future :)
    As others already said…. i like the new look too :)

  3. Avatar

    Got difference in the way you wear your fringe meh? Is it me or this is another one of those woman’s habits?

    Welcome back.

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