Piers and my hot cross buns

I was eating hot cross buns for breakfast today, so I sang the hot cross bun song to Piers, who was eating toast and bacon.

“Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!” I sang.


Hot cross bun!


He stopped eating his toast and bacon and gaped at me. “What on earth is that?” he managed to say past his stupefication.

I gaped at him in return. “What do you mean what on earth is that?! It’s the hot cross bun song!”

He just looked blank, or shocked, I’m not sure.

“How do you not know the hot cross bun song?” I said, “Do hot cross buns not come from England?”

“Yes,” he said, “But there isn’t a song! You must have made that up!”

“Also,” he protested, “They do not cost a penny each!”

Which is true. They cost about 20 pennies each at supermarkets (and 80 pennies for the ones we got because they are branded hot cross buns).

Still, Piers is so ignorant of his own culture. Here’s a video of the song in case you haven’t heard it, either. There are many different tunes for this rhyme, but this is the one I know.



I remember when I first visited England last year, Piers took me to the supermarket and bought up all the different kinds of breads. He would, for example, pick up some crumpets and go, “I love this,” and I would say, “I’ve never had it,” and he would say, “What!!! You must try it!”

So he bought hot cross buns, crumpets, bagels, muffins and crusty bread, and then tried to serve them all to me in one meal.

It’s silly, but it’s one of the things I love about him; He doesn’t mind being impractical for the sake of happiness, joy, laughter and gluttony.




He does mind very much, though, when I put his photos on my blog, but I don’t care, lol.

So, here’s another photo of him, holding his newborn niece.


Piers and baby!


Okay, another one…


Piers and baby!


LOL. I think that’s a funny one.

But enough.

Here’s one of me or he’ll be really mad at the injustice.




That’s about it for today, really.

But I don’t want to end this post with my photo, so here’s a photo of trees to round things up.




This is a famous street in England called Beech Avenue, which is a long straight road flanked on both sides by — wait for it — beech trees!

There are supposedly 365 trees on one side and 366 on the other side, one for every day of the year and the extra one for the days in leap years.

It’s quite a spectacular experience driving through this road and seeing the trees looming up endlessly.

Okay, that’s all. It’s dinner time and I must go. We’re going to have fish and chips from Chez Fred, which is really good.

There is, apparently, also a fish and chips song, but I think we’ve had enough of kiddy songs for the day. Kthxbye!

5 thoughts on “Piers and my hot cross buns

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    What? He doesn’t know the hot cross bun song? Every kid knows it! That remembers me, I’m going to sing it to Ba Ba today. That is if he doesn’t cover my mouth with his hand.

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    What a gorgeous baby ;) and I’ve never heard of the song either, hardly surprising as we had the same upbringing, lol! X

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    Nice Nostalgic Memory:

    Hot-cross Buns!
    Hot-cross Buns!
    One a penny, two a penny,
    Hot-cross Buns!

    Hot-cross Buns!
    Hot-cross Buns!
    If ye have no daughters,
    Give them to your sons.

    Thanks for bringing it back :)

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