Writing a blog while sitting a dog

I am at the moment dog sitting Basil in Piers’ parents’ house, which I thought is a great setting for starting my blog going again.

I’m on a plush sofa. I have in front of me my laptop, a crackling fire and a sleepy dog snoring in his bed. Perfect.


Basil is upset with Piers for forgetting to buy the marshmallows.


The TV is on because Piers, after he dropped me off here and before he went back to the office, turned it on for me, worried that I would want to watch TV and not be able to turn it on.

I told him I didn’t want to watch TV because I have lots of other things to do but he said to leave it on mute just in case. Apparently, the TV is hard to turn on or something.

I couldn’t imagine how hard turning a TV on could be but I didn’t protest. Life is simpler if you just let people do what they want to do if what they want to do doesn’t hurt anyone.

Now, though, Piers’ worry has gained a new validity. I have just tried to turn the TV off and it wouldn’t go off.

There is a power button on the remote control. I am quite sure the symbol on it is the universal indicator for on/off.


The power button went on strike to protest absent marshmallows.


So I pressed it but instead of going to sleep, the TV told me, “No channel found. Please check aerial or local signal availability. Press OK to start Auto Setup.”

It didn’t turn off even after a long wait, adamant that its warning not go unread for the next hour or ten.

Either people are bent on making my life difficult or I am terribly backward. The TV stays on for now.

But never mind the TV. Let’s do updates.

There are many reasons why I haven’t blogged in months. These will remain unannounced because I’m quite sure your life won’t be made better by reading my rambling excuses.

But, since my last post in November, I have been very productive. I have:


  • Showed Piers around Singapore and acquainted him with what he’s been missing out on all his life (for example, chilli crab).
  • Played a lot of Facebook games.
  • Read half of the book I’m supposed to have finished reading by the time school starts (in three days’ time).
  • Bought a lot of winter coats from cheap China shopping websites and then thrown away half of them because they don’t resemble the product photographs so much as they resemble chopped liver.
  • Usurped half of Piers’ storage space in England because I’m moving in for a year.


Today is my last weekday of freedom. That is, I start school at the Montessori College the coming Monday and I still have half a book unread. I had planned to either read the book or write a blog while dog sitting today.

Write a blog won.

That is not to say that the book is boring. It is in fact a very good read and I can’t wait to learn everything there is to learn about the Montessori Method.

It’s just that there is a very strong procrastination gene in me which sometimes makes me procrastinate even things that I look forward to doing.

Can’t help it, you know. Genes are fixed things. I try to colour my hair brown but it keeps turning black again.

That’s why I don’t do new year resolutions.

Basil just left his bed to seek my humanly warmth.

Actually, he’s probably warmer than I am. The temperature outside is 9°C but it’s quite comfortable indoors with the fire going and two layers of clothes on my body and a warm dog across my lap, passionately licking my left hand like it’s a hunk of juicy beef.


Basil decided that there were better food than marshmallows.


Life is quite good right now and Basil is starting to create a puddle on my hand so I’m going to tell him to stop drooling all over me.

Bye, Basil.

Well, now that I’ve started to blog again, I’m gonna try and keep it going.

Thanks for all the admonishments. “When are you going to blog again!?!?!!”

It’s very nice to know that I’ve been missed.

Have a great 2012. In fact, have a blast. It’s supposed to be the very last year of our lives.

I don’t really believe it but no harm having a blast anyway.

Happy New Year!

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