Finding things to talk about

You know how, in relationships, you reach a point where you run out of things to talk about?

Piers and I got to that stage a few months back. We gradually replaced our bonding sessions with TV. Lots of TV.

I was starting to get addicted, too, because England has no end of interesting, crazy TV shows.

Not very productive.

Fortunately, things are beginning to change now that I’m back at school. Piers will ask about my day and I will have many stories to tell him. We can last hours this way.

That wasn’t possible just two weeks ago.

Our daily updates went like this:


Piers: How was your day?

Shey: Um, same as yesterday. How was your day?

Piers: Same as yesterday.

Shey: What’s for dinner?


His job is a bit boring. He sits in front of three monitors and stares at pixels all day long. If the pixels are not worth staring at, he stares at his iPad.

For me, two weeks before, I played Facebook and iPad games full-time. Sometimes, I blogged.


Daily updates are good for relationships.


But now, we can have more engaging conversations, like this one that just happened:


Piers: How was school today?

Shey: We learnt how to transfer water and beans from container to container.

Piers: Gosh.

Shey: And how to open and close padlocks.

Piers: Wow. Sounds interesting.

Shey: Yes.

Piers: You must be becoming very useful.

Shey: I think so.

Piers: I can get you to do all sorts of stuff around the house now.

Shey: Do you have beans that need transferring? I can do that.

Piers: No, but now I know you can, I might get some.

Shey: I can do mung beans, butter beans, soya beans and aduki beans.

Piers: Amazing. You’re so smart! Proud of you.

Shey: Thanks!


We went on to talk about nuts. I tried to convince him to buy me honey roasted cashew nuts to practise on, but he wouldn’t hear of it, insisting that I haven’t been trained to work with nuts.

I have, though. I’ve been living with one for almost a year now.

Yes, we’ve been dating for nearly a year, so it’s understandable for us to run out of things to talk about.

But not anymore!

I think tomorrow we learn how to use scissors. Yes, Piers and I are going to have another exciting conversation!

11 thoughts on “Finding things to talk about

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    4 different kinds of beans! That’s practically a PhD in bean transferology

    But Piers is right — don’t work with nuts until you have been properly trained. Everyone knows nuts transfer requires a completely different technique

  2. Avatar

    @Lucas: Darn it, you too? I’m impatient, you know. I can’t wait!! :P

    @Belly B: Aww, thanks. *mwaks*

    @Valarie: Um, well, not rcurrently. Wish I could, but Sims takes too much time which I can’t afford right now! :P

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    @Sheylara: Happy to report that to date, me and my wifey haven’t run out of things to talk about. Of course, having two boys running amok in the house leaves little room for things to be left unsaid…:P

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    @Sheylara: Been in your situation before. That’s until 2 little tiger cubs came along. ^_^

    @RN1209: Currently in same situation as you.

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    @RN1209: Yep, it’s been a while since I have coming here. Been busy with work and the cubs. Oh, not 2nd cub. My two cubs arrived on the same day ;)

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    your blog makes me smile :))
    i enjoyed reading some of ur blog.
    Montessori method brings joy & happiness to the couples as well as children~

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