A new low for telemarketing

I just received a phone call with an invitation to attend a Dior christmas party (presumably because I’m a Dior member and not because I’m a blogger.)

I was first told the date of the party, then a list of highlights, including makeup and fashion shows, food and drinks, limited edition products on sale, and a door gift, all of these read off a page in monotone.

Then silence.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“The price is $50. If you want to bring a friend, it’s $80. But you can redeem products with your tickets.”

“Oh, okay. I’m not interested, but thanks.”

The caller asked for a reason, so I said I wasn’t interested in buying any Dior products at the moment. Parties are okay, but having to pay to attend one where they will try to make you spend even more money is plain ridiculous.

She said, “Oh, you don’t have to buy anything.”

“But I have to pay to attend the party,” I said.

She then went on to inform me that I can redeem other stuff with the price of my ticket, but neglected to explain what she meant.

I wasn’t interested, anyway, so I just said, “No, thanks.”

But she wouldn’t give up.

“You can have fun at the party with your friends,” she persuaded.

“No, it’s okay, thanks.”

“You’ll also get a door gift.”

“No, I’m not really keen, but thanks.”

“There’ll be free refreshments, and you can just come and have fun with your friends.”

“Erm… no, thanks.”

She finally accepted my polite refusal and allowed me to hang up.

Although I hate telemarketing, I can kind of understand why companies would use this channel to sell, for example, insurance policies. But telemarketing for parties? I think it’s a new low.

Not very impressed with Dior now.

A bit off-topic, but some time in the beginning of this year, they sent me my membership card with a letter asking me to go pick up a welcome gift at any Dior counter.

I went to pick it up.

The gift was a welcome letter and a brochure.

Thanks, Dior. What I always wanted.

10 thoughts on “A new low for telemarketing

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    Where credit is due, that’s a good tactic. At the very least, the marketer is able to deliver the product info in full before getting the phone slammed in their ears.

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    i was a tele salesman for 1 day when i was still at school. most awful thing i’ve ever done. even more awful than having my picture taken in a couples tshirt.

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    I am in telesales now and if she ever talked like that on the phone to a client, my manager will be so glad to have a one to one session with her, lol!

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    LOL a welcome letter and a brochure, for the person who has everything.

    That cannot seriously be the gift there must be some mistake

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    ?!?! the welcome gift were the letter and brochure!? no wonder dior skincare and makeup are so expensive.. has to fund for the expensive paper for the letter and printing of glossy brochures..

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