Piers’ chilli plant

Piers just bought a chilli plant of all things.

We were at Sainsbury’s shopping for our dinner when he saw them for sale and got all excited.


Chilli plant


Piers likes eating spicy food. His tolerance level is about on par with the average Singaporean, which is quite remarkable for an ang moh.

Anyway, our dinner was homemade burgers and he used his first chilli harvest in the patties.


Making burgers


When I went into the kitchen to take photos, I saw the amount of meat he was marinating.

“How many burgers are you planning to make, TEN??” I said.

“Don’t be silly,” he said, “This is two burgers.”

Do men overestimate their appetites or what?

He ended up making five patties with his 1kg (2.2 pounds) of meat, which is crazy, but I guess better than two patties weighing 500g each.


Burger patties


But then, he ate two of them, both totalling 454g (1 pound), so maybe he didn’t overestimate himself all that much, but that doesn’t make him any less crazy.

They were really delicious, though. Juicy and full of flavour.


Yummy juicy burger patties


I only ate one and I was so full up I couldn’t eat my curly fries after it.

Thick fat burgers always look deceptively manageable, so don’t underestimate them.


Yummy juicy burger


On a side note, I love Sainbury’s because I got my pink eggs there!


Ella Valentine Eggs


Okay they’re not really pink. Only the container is pink. But that’s good enough, I suppose.

They’re supposed to be good for baking (I don’t know how) but I’m not using them for baking (yet).

I have been slowly pinkifying Piers’ apartment, putting cutesy decorations here and there, over time.

Recently, I made him buy a pink kitchen linen set consisting of oven gloves, apron and tea towels, saying that I’ve decided to become his personal cook for my new hobby, so I need them.

(It’s a nicer way of appointing him guinea pig for my food experiments but he doesn’t have to know that!)




I saw lovely pink cooking utensils at Waitrose recently. They’ve got like pink knives and spatulas and whatnot.

But I’m going back to Singapore in less than two weeks, so there isn’t much time left for me to indulge in my new hobbies (cooking and pinkifying Piers’ apartment).

Will buy the pink utensils next time I’m back in England! (Don’t tell Piers.)

I wonder if Bob will still be alive when I return in December.

Oh, Bob is the chilli plant. I’ve named him that cos Piers wants to call it Chilli Chill Chill but I think that’s a stupid name. Plants need proper names to feel normal so they don’t develop complexes as they grow up!

Keep your fingers crossed for Bob’s survival!

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    Hey Monster,

    I want those pink kitchen utensils! The spatula and whatever! And pink eggs!!! I want to live in UK now!

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