I choose chocolate over shopping

We’re going to Oxford this weekend.

I’ve wanted to go for months but, to be honest, I’m always a bit lazy about going sightseeing. I enjoy the sights and the experiences, but I so hate the travelling. Getting ready, getting packed (if necessary) and then braving the hours stuck in a car or train or ship or plane. All such a chore.

That’s why, after being in England for an accumulative total of five months, I’ve probably seen as many sights/attractions as someone who’s been here for a five-day tour.

But we’re going to Oxford this weekend.

It’s kind of on the way to Leeds, the venue of Piers’ annual company dinner. Since we’d be travelling anyway, might as well make the most of it and see a couple of things along the way.

Piers found us a nice hotel in Oxford. After Leeds, we’ll stay a night in Oxford before returning to the grind in Bournemouth — him going to the office for work, me staying home not blogging.


The Holt Hotel


Now, I am in a bit of a dilemma.

On the way to Oxford from Leeds, there are like 50 attractions we can pop by.

The first attraction on the list that caught my eye was Bicester Village, a luxury outlet shopping centre for designer brands, with over 130 outlet boutiques.

I’ve been wanting to go there for months, but have been procrastinating because of the travelling.

It’s one of those situations where you think, “No hurry, right? I’ll be here for the discernable future and the village is not going anywhere, either.”

And then one day you realise that 10 years have passed and you still haven’t done it.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is that I will be passing through this Sunday, which gives me a great chance to make a stopover. Joy!


Bicester Village


Then, my eyes scanned lower down the list and another attraction popped out at me: Cadbury World.

Without hesitation, Chocolate seized prime position in my mind, instantly banishing Shopping to the rotting parts of the brain we supposedly never use (a fact which is actually myth).

If we only have time to visit one attraction on our way back to Bournemouth, it has to be Chocolate.

I mean Cadbury World.

It is no secret that I’m really good at setting priorities.

Here’s an MSN conversation between me and Piers discussing our trip to Cadbury World:


MSN conversation


As you can see, Piers is rubbish at setting priorities. He should have said, instead, “We’ll be in Oxford, home (sort of) of BICESTER VILLAGE!!! and you want to go to Cadbury World?”

Regardless, we are going to Cadbury World.

The tickets have been booked!

Cadbury is my favourite chocolate brand. I’m serious. I like it more than expensive gourmet chocolate brands. So this will be quite an exciting trip for me.

I suppose we could still go to Bicester Village, but then there’s also Oxford University. And the Royal Shakespeare Theatre!

But that is all secondary. Who can think about anything else when there’s chocolate!!

As some unknown wise person once said, “Man cannot live on chocolate alone, but women sure can!”

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