Sigh, men!

Why can I never get a straight answer from a man? We’re planning a trip to Guernsey (an island) dead early tomorrow morning, so I need to know what time we have to leave so I can set my alarm.

Me: What time do we have to leave home?

Piers: No earlier than an hour before the time we have to be there – which is an hour before we sail (6 am).

Took me 11 minutes of questioning, during which time I got more riddles, before I received the answer: 4 am.

4 thoughts on “Sigh, men!

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    You only need a man with the Aspergers syndrome. Highly intelligent and slightly autistic they always tell you the truth in a straight, blunt way.

    That doesn’t work with the ladies either is my experience.

    Sigh. Women.

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