Back-to-school outfit

Since I’m going to be a student soon, I have an excuse to change my wardrobe again!





Okay, not really. This probably won’t be the most appropriate outfit to attend the course I’m doing (Montessori education). In any case, I already had the outfit way before I decided to go for the course.

It’s just that I’ve liked high school uniform fashion for a long time already and never seem to be able to outgrow that disposition.

I think it’s because Singapore uniforms are so ugly that I feel like I grew up deprived of style. And there’s 12 years of deprivation to make up for.

Of course, I realise that school kids are not actually supposed to care about style and beauty, but I think people can’t help being drawn to aesthetics. People need beauty in their lives. We get to have pretty school bags and stationery and water bottles, so why can’t we have pretty uniforms?

Well, I’m not trying to change the system or anything. Just explaining why I like wearing school uniform inspired styles.




I also happen to really love school. I wish I were school-age again.

I mean (if you overlook the occasional essay deadline, which is evil, times two if it requires you to read an infinite number of books on pretentious philosophical and literary movements that actually don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things), being a student is immeasurably better than being a working adult.

If you’re currently a school-age student, you have to trust me on that.

One day, when you have a job, no matter how much you love your job and your boss, you will eventually get chewed out for something you didn’t do and you can’t defend yourself for whatever reason and you can’t quit because then you can’t pay your bills, you’ll start to appreciate school.

Or you might get backstabbing colleagues who will keep trying to get you into trouble or steal your credit.

Or you might get hired into a position requiring you to do the work of five people and you don’t get overtime pay because you’re executive level and above.

Or… a lot of things. You’ll find out for yourself one day. Don’t be in a hurry to find out.

Sure, school years have different sets of problems. But I think I very much prefer them. Plus I like learning.

Oh, well.

Can’t turn back time, but I can go back to school, even if only for a short time.

9 thoughts on “Back-to-school outfit

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    All CoK members now bow and worship the great goddess mistress Shey for finally granting our wish to don the holy JHSU outfit.

    We will sacrifice the lives of many Republic scum in your honour within the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic and hope that you may again grace us with your presence and be our mascot as we show the world the wrath of the CoK Sith.


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    That uniform is hot lol.
    I got to wear a uniform up to the third grade and then no more uniforms… but the uniforms I wore were all ugly D=

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    “I think it’s because Singapore uniforms are so ugly that I feel like I grew up deprived of style. And there’s 12 years of deprivation to make up for.”

    And I’m still in fashion hell -_-*

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    Love the uniform!

    Similarly, I started shopping for uniform style clothing (of cause not this extreme!) after I graduated from school. I just find how ironic is lifehood where you see youngsters dressing themselves maturely and we the older generation is dressing to look.. younger?

    Afterall, the importance of dressing makes us continue to look for more choices. So keep up the good work to dress so pretty!


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