A holiday is an excuse to be lazy

In a way, it’s good not having wifi.

I’m now at a huge villa in Mallorca with Piers and his family, and we’re here till Saturday or Sunday, I’m not too sure.

I would be completely disconnected for a week except, somehow, my unlimited Internet on my prepaid UK Blackberry SIM card seems to extend to Europe (it worked in Paris, too).

But doing online activities on a stupid tiny Blackberry is annoying, so I have been limiting my Internet usage, the result of which is that I have a frail excuse to ignore my blog.

I’ve had two glorious days of doing what I love best (relaxing with my iPad) in front of the most magnificent view I’ve been faced with.

I can’t do photos now but our villa overlooks the great Mediterranean Sea, although we’re separated by a tiny forested area. Surrounding us all around are gentle mountains against an endless expanse of clear blue sky.

Days are scorching hot but breezy (therefore very comfortable on the balconies under the shade) and nights are cool.

It’s a most incredible location to have a holiday and the company is really great. Piers’ family makes great meals and everyone is fun to be around with thanks to the well-known English wit and humour that, till now, I have only experienced on books and TV.

I probably won’t blog again till we get wifi, but I will tweet, so please follow me on Twitter (@sheylara) for updates.

I have to go now. They’re playing dominos and I’m missing the lesson!

As they say in Spain, ciao!

4 thoughts on “A holiday is an excuse to be lazy

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    hello! do u mind me asking, which mobile provider are u using in the uk?? My blackberry seems to have no signal all the time (I’m on 3)

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    Nice – the vivid description painted quite the scenic view in my head, can share the travel info? Would love to head down to Spain and Italy next summer :)

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